Summit Up 7-21-09 |

Summit Up 7-21-09

Special to DailyHappy 40th Birthday Jake Nix! Love, Kramer & Baxter! Thanks to all our friends who surprised Jake and celebrated with us last week!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s getting ready to buy stock in Acme Angel Wings, Inc., on account of all the great karma swirling around the county these days.We’ll get right to it, starting this slew of Angel Alerts!! with a note from Veronica, who had this to say:”I would like to thank the anonymous person who so kindly left an envelope with money in it at my door last week. I have had some medical problems and am short on cash and this person left me a very kind gift! It couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks many times over to this person!”Wow. We wouldn’t mind at all if someone came around and laid some money on our doorstep, although we’re fortunate that we’ve been staying pretty darn healthy these days, so we’d probably just waste the money on replacing that Pink Floyd album we gave to our best friend back in seventh grade. We’ve regretted that ever since, but … oops, wait – we’re getting sidetracked.Veronica, we wish you a speedy recovery, and to your anonymous benefactor we are sending the shiniest angel wings ever, along with a halo, you know the super-deluxe model that’s trimmed with gold and has flashing LED lights with a motion sensor, so that every time the lights flash, a choir of angels starts singing Hosannas.Then, Susan Lapinsohn wrote to tell us of a heroic skateboarder in Breck, whose good deed shall go down in the Canine Hall of Fame. Here’s Susan’s message:”A big huge Angel Alert!! needs to go out for the skateboarder that my long-haired dachshund Bandit decided to chase down Main Street yesterday afternoon. Just as little Bandit cut from the sidewalk to Main Street the skateboarder must have realized what was going on. He stopped and picked up the leash Bandit was dragging, and saved his little life. Thank you skateboarder person, and my apologies for the little guy chasing you. I will keep a tighter grip next time. And while I’m at it, Angelization also goes out to the gal, who returned the $20 bill that fell out of my bag. Life IS Good!”Double wow for a double Angel Alert, all on the same day. Man. we’re getting all warm and fuzzy just listening to this stuff. It’s making us feel like we want to put on our best seersucker suit, a straw hat, grab our cane and do a happy tap dance right down Main Street.By the way, we’re not sure if “angelization” is an official Webster word, but we are for sure going to include it in the Summit Up lexicon henceforth. We love it.So more angel wings and halos to be handed out in Breck. Keep ’em coming folks! We’re building up a veritable tidal wave of positive karma these days and that, as they say, is priceless.We also have a note here from master gardener Jon Harrington, who said he and his dad took a spin in a WWII training plane not so long ago. Harrington’s dad, now 85, flew one of these babies back in 1943. The last time he flew as a pilot was 45 years ago, and the last time he flew this model of aircraft was 66 years ago. According to the note from Jon, his dad even did a landing and take-off, so a hearty congrats and a different kind of wings for this fearless octegenarian! In case you’d like to see this, click on this link to a YouTube video: out, getting angelized.

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