Summit Up 7-22-11: Wired on parking lot chamomile |

Summit Up 7-22-11: Wired on parking lot chamomile

by Summit Up
Special to the Daily Mark Mahorney, who carves cool stuff into dead trees, sent us this shot of what he says is his 'largest one I've done yet.'

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s wondering what the deal is with Greek yogurt. Why, all of the sudden, has yogurt become Greek? What’s wrong with ‘merican yogurt (or whatever it was we had before)? We have an email from some guy shilling for a company called Cabot saying some Neilsen report says “Greek yogurt dollar and unit sales were up 160 percent and 203 percent, respectively, while non-Greek yogurt dollar and unit sales were up 3 percent and 1 percent.”All this while Greece, the country, is about to slide into the Aegean because they can’t pay their bills and everyone still wants to retire at like 34 (OK, 56, but it’s still pretty young). Are any of these impressive dollars going toward paying down the Greek deficit or whatever? We bet not. Even so, if it makes you feel kindly toward Greece by eating some Greek yogurt, then go for it. Supposedly is has “almost twice the benefits of traditional yogurt.”Whatever.***And here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Emma & Niels at the Abbett Placer Inn, who write as such:”An Angel Alert should go out to Breckenridge resident Jane Hamlin of ‘the Garden Ho’ for weeding & sprucing up the area outside the Breckenridge Post Office. A beautiful person volunteering her free time on Sunday morning to help beautify our mountain town. THANK YOU JANE!!”That’s the first nice thing we’ve ever heard about the Breck PO, so go Jane!***Here’s something we heard in person, which doesn’t happen all that much anymore in these days where technology has replaced most forms of personal interaction. Anyway, Laura, who works out of the back of the Summit Up Central Corporate HQ (some vending machine folks rent out part of our old press room) just told this story: As she was unloading pop and candy from her truck, a little girl, standing by and watching, asked if she could climb into the truck. Laura told her to ask her mom if the little girl could go for a ride with a lady in a truck full of candy. The little girl ran off and returned with a bunch of other kids. “My Mom says OK as long as my brothers and sisters can come!”Kids today!***So the Wild Food Girl was just in our office and as we were walking out the parking lot with her, she started pointing out stuff that’s edible right in our parking lot! “Dandelion, of course” she said, as if we routinely use dandelion to make wine or add to salads. And then she found some kind of chamomile that smelled just like that chamomile tea we don’t really like, so yay. There was something else, too, but we were already thinking about how, when the zombie apocalypse comes and we’re holed up in here as the living dead moan and lurch outside, we’ll be able to sneak out at times and get some dandelions and chamomile out of the parking lot to make a wretched little salad.Not sure what we’ll use for dressing though, although our nutritionist (OK, our imaginary nutritionist) is always telling us we should go easy on the dressing cuz if there’s one way to ruin a perfectly healthy salad it’s to douse it in some high-fat dressing blah blah blah eat your peas whatever give us a break.Anyway, food for thought, literally.Gotta run. Happy Friday Summit County!

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