Summit Up 7-30-12: Inhabiting the minds of dogs |

Summit Up 7-30-12: Inhabiting the minds of dogs

Summit Up
Angel Alert! Angel Alert! Schuyler Woodland and Hailey Harsch are all smiles selling lemonade recently to raise money for the Summit County Animal Shelter.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is wondering where dogs go when they take off on those little jaunts of theirs, while their owners are at home having heart palpitations. We think if we were a dog, out for a day on the town by ourselves, feeling the wind in our fur, no leash tying us down, we’d probably swing by the zoo or a pet store or something just to make all the other animals jealous of our freedom. Then, of course, we’d probably go for a swim in whatever body of water we happened across, and finally we’d post up near an ice cream stand or some picnic tables and wait for gravity to do its job. We happen to know that, when our dog makes her escape, before she goes rooting through neighbors’ trash cans, she likes to trot off to a house a block away to bark at a particular pooch who she seems to consider to be her arch nemesis. We think the conversation goes something like this: Our dog: Hey, you! It’s me again! I just wanted to remind you that you’re stuck behind that fence and I am not! (We’re pretty sure almost everything dogs say is followed by an exclamation point). Neighbors’ dog: Aw, man! You wait, one of these days I’m going to escape and then you’ll be sorry! Our dog: Yeah right! What are you going to do?Neighbors’ dog: I’m going to bark and growl in your general direction! Then I’ll probably sniff your butt, lose interest and leave you alone! Our dog: You think you’re so tough! Well I’m not afraid of you because – oh, look a trash can! Then, when she’s nice and stinky and full on our neighbors’ leftovers, our dog comes home. Anyway, we mention doggy outings because it seems another wily canine has given his humans the slip and they’d like to have him home as soon as possible. So we’re issuing this Pooch on the Loose Alert!! Pooch on the Loose Alert!! Karen Martiny writes thusly: “Please keep your eyes open around the Breckenridge area for a lost dog – Junior! Junior escaped from the parking lot behind the Breck Library on Monday around noon. He’s a small cattle dog mix, only weighing about 25 pounds. He was last seen by the bike path near the Justice Center. Junior had eye surgery about 2 months ago, and his eyes are still healing. “So far no one has seen him since Monday. Junior is shy and won’t approach people, but if you do see him anywhere, please call me immediately! He’s wearing a blue & maroon collar with paw prints and also has a red heart ARR ID tag with my cell number on it.”We don’t know if he’s sticking around the area where he was lost or if he might be ‘exploring’ or even headed back towards Summit Cove, where his foster family lives.”Please … help spread the word – the more eyes looking, the better chance we’ll have of spotting him! Thank you for keeping Junior in mind!”Junior, on the off chance you’re reading this, it’s time to head home. For everyone else, if you happen to spot Junior (see picture) out and about, please call Karen Martiny at (970) 389-4277 or Beth Eckert at (970) 389-8858. That’s about all we’ve got for you today. Tune in again tomorrow. We out.

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