Summit Up 7-31-10: More useful than a fondue set |

Summit Up 7-31-10: More useful than a fondue set

Special to the Daily/Bob Winsett

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s taking a break from animals today to write about another popular category: minerals!

(sound of crickets)

OK, OK, so maybe a lump of feldspar or a deposit of olivine isn’t as exciting as, say, a giant Indonesian fruitbat swooping down on you, or a rabid tapir attacking a group of Sunday school teachers. But we do know rocks are important in many ways. For one, they provide hours of entertainment for boys, who will spend hours hunting for them, smashing them to see what’s inside (no matter how many times the answer “nothing” comes up) and carrying them around in their pockets to the consternation of their mothers, who later have to remove them from the laundry.

Anyway, rocks are important to Colorado because, y’know, Rocky Mountains and all. The funny thing about rocks, we think, is that they’re pretty weighty and substantial and they’re lying about everywhere … yet they really aren’t worth much. And that’s too bad. It’d be cool if you were willing to lug some 50-pound rock to some kind of quarry and they’d give you 20 bucks for it or something. As it is, though, most rocks just lie around acting pretty useless – kinda like fondue sets.


OK, here’s another Breck tip from the fabulous Jen Goldstein at the Breckenridge Resort Chamber. Jen is always giving us good ideas for cool Breck businesses to visit in the newsletter she kicks out, so here’s the latest:

“Yesterday for lunch I visited our newest member, Mimi’s Fried Pies. I ordered a Beef and Potato Pie, a Spinach and Mushroom Pie, a Cherry Pie and an Apple Pie (I was SO hungry). Not only was lunch delicious, but it was a fast, inexpensive meal and it’s just a little bit different. Visit Mimi’s at 411 South Main Street (next to the French Bakery, La Francaise) and congratulate them on investing in their business by joining the chamber.”

That sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it? Get thee to Mimi’s Fried Pies – and tell ’em Jen sent ya!


OK, here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Dick Bryant in Silverthorne, who writes thusly:

“My wife and I would like you to include an Angel Alert for the wonderful gentleman who had the astounding presence of mind to immediately jump on my wife’s mountain bike after it had bounced unnoticed off our rear-mounted bike rack and use it to chase us down just as we were about to pull out onto the highway, leaving the bike behind – perhaps forever. His heroic effort kept our wonderful feelings after a morning of riding the Colorado Trail intact – which they would NOT have been had we arrived home minus my wife’s beloved Ellsworth Epiphany! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Wow, that’s almost a Super Hero Alert! The fact that the guy jumped on the bike is an awesome detail we couldn’t have made up.


Stan Wagon writes to say this:

“Your article Friday on page 7 refers to an unnamed peak that some refer to as Atlantic. Have you forgotten the debate about this a few years ago? The Red White and Blue fire dept wanted to call this Red White Blue peak. Many objected. Some of us approached the US Board of Geographic Names about the history of the peak and, about five years ago, the peak was officially named Atlantic Peak by the US Board of Geographic Names. So it is not “unnamed” and is as official as, say, Quandary (even if maps don’t reflect this yet).”

Well, there it is then, eh?

Have a great weekend!

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