Summit Up 7-9-11: Live from the all-pro sleeping tour |

Summit Up 7-9-11: Live from the all-pro sleeping tour

by Summit Up
Anna Penny of Frisco turns 10 today. "Happy Birthday to our Double Digit, love Mom and Dad!"

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s heading into the weekend with a hearty hi-ho whatever, a mighty yawn and a burst of low-metabolism ennui that can only be found in a teenager on the World All Pro Freestyle Sleeping Tour.

We say we’re low energy because of this weather. We need sun, damnit! Otherwise it reminds us of that lost semester we spent in Gloucester, Mass. where the closest we got the sun that entire fall was looking at the smiling, scoop-wielding sun on the box of Raisin Bran we accidentally bought instead of Froot Loops cuz our eyes were welded shut from sleeping.

Speaking of, we know a particular 19-year-old who bragged to us the other day about logging a full 12 hours of sleep. He’s perfectly healthy guy who often exists on just an hour or three of sleep. But sometimes, to our amazement and, we must admit, envy, he can rack up the zzzs like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter.

Oh, how we wish we could do that once in a while!

Where were we? Oh, sun, rain, whatever – we’ll take what we can get so long as Ullr stays at bay for a few more months …


OK, here’s our first ever Anticipated Angel Alert! Anticipated Angel Alert! Yes, the first Triple-A comes from Eric Pynn, who writes thusly:

“On June 19, I successfully guided a person to the summit of her first Fourteener, Quandary Peak. We encountered many close-up views of animals, hiked in beautiful, clear weather and enjoyed a wonderful view on the summit. During the trip, I took all the photos for my companion so she had memories of her first Fourteener summit. Unfortunately, I placed my camera on top of the car and drove away with it there.”

(Homer Simpson voice: D’oh!)

You know the rest: If anyone’s come across Eric’s Canon PowerShot SX100 IS camera inside a Black LowePro Camera Case, shoot him an email at You could end up on the receiving end of an Angel Alert!


We close today with a water-saving tip: When it’s raining a lot like it is now, turn off your automatic sprinklers! We see these things going off all over the place as the rain pours down. It’s like pouring Bourbon into a drunk guy or feeding doughnuts to a fat dude: The lawn just doesn’t need it, and it looks ridiculous and wasteful and all that.

So endeth the lesson.

Folks, it’s Friday again (quick week, eh?) so get out there and dig it for all it’s worth.

We out.

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