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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that fell victim to one of the classic blunders over the weekend.The first is never get involved in a bluegrass festival in Wyoming. But only slightly less well known is this: Never get involved in a picking session with a family band from the sand hills with a guitar made in Indonesia (all royalties to “The Princess Bride.”)We foolishly sat in late one festival night with some Wyoming professionals who had four distinct loves: America, string instruments made in America, American music and guns. They were circled up beside their RV, with the Stars and Stripes hanging off the side, just singing, strumming and picking away on classic old-time tunes into the night. So we sat down to play with this group, figuring we’d stay in the background and maybe learn a thing or two. But those Wyoming musicians are a kind and curious lot, and before we strummed a chord, we were queried on the origins of our instrument.THEM: “What type of guitar is that?”US (looking at the logo on the neck): “Franciscan.”THEM: “Never heard of it. Where’s it made?”US (fearing the worst): “No idea.”THEM: “Well check the label, should say right there.”US (staring down in horror): “Indonesia.”THEM: “Indonesia?!”US: “Yeah.”THEM: “Honey, get the gun.”Now we have nothing against Wyoming, America or American instruments. It’s just that we were very poor when we scrounged up the money to buy our Franciscan for $150 – and it’s lasted us 12 years, thank you very much. Better yet, thanks to those hard-working Indonesians. We don’t have a problem with guns, either. What we don’t like is when a gun-toting tribe from the sand hills uses the line “get the gun” as a family joke to scare poor musicians from Colorado. ***Our plea last week for some way to acquire new T-shirts did not go unnoticed by the good people of Summit Up Land. Summit’s seniors scrounged a few from their rummage sale and brought them over (and we will now donate them to a worthier cause than us.) Also, the crew from Women of the Summit dropped by some fresh ones and said:”The members of Women of the Summit were dismayed to hear of your T-shirt shortage! We’d like to offer you these free T-shirts from our fundraising event to help you out. “HealthQuest is a fundraiser for Advocates for Victims of Assault and the cancer prevention efforts of Women of the Summit. We need runners for our 10K trail run and 5K fun run Sept. 12 at Copper Mountain. More details are available at”Thanks ladies. We’ll be sure to come and sweat up a storm in our fabulous new T-shirts at the races.***That’s it for a Monday folks. We’re out pickin’ our Mongolian mandolin …

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