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Summit Daily NewsCongrats! to Christian Bassett, who won the Raven low-net championship.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column basking in the twilight of summer.We can’t hold on any more. We’re giving up the ghost of summer.MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Noooooooo! Not yet! You can’t! There’s so much we didn’t get to do!Yes, we feel the same way. Alas, we must.MOSUR: Why?

Hey, the leaves have already given up. Have you noticed? We took a drive up through Blue River yesterday, and the leaves have loosed their grip on long, sunny days, and the yellow that signifies their winter-long slumber is approaching and growing every day, like a rash. So we’re dusting off the winter gear. We’re waking up to chill mornings, and now it’s not even a question of “shorts or pants?” as we head out the door.But we will sing one last dirge for the summer. It might sound to you like cats fighting a porcupine at the bottom of a trash can, but really, it’s quite beautiful.Sing along … if you’re so inclined.***

Valerie, who is “miserably hot and humid in Atlanta – dreaming of dancing in the rain in Breck,” has been reading with interest our reports of bear break-ins this summer. She notes that it’s almost a weekly update for us. However, they have more fun with their bear intrusions in Georgia’s big city: All six of the TV news choppers zoom in on the ursine invader and follow its every move – kind of like the O.J. Simpson chase meets Animal Planet.Valerie says she and her husband, Tim, got to talking about it and reading more about it and learned that the animals, once captured and relocated, are tagged with “earrings.” Once they get a set, the third strike is their last. They figure it’s gotta be hard to spot those “earrings” on the bear and figure out if they’re the curious, innocent kind, or the incorrigible Yogi kind, so spray-painting a big orange “X” on their backs would be very helpful.Then Valerie went on to read on our Web site about how DUI arrests are down, but there’s still plenty of them for concern. Her husband also “suggested that we also use the Big Orange X Theory on the cars of DUI offenders. Once you get 2 DUIs, then you get a big orange X on your car so we can see you comin’.”As much sense as that makes, guys, something tells us the ACLU would nod at that one about as quick as they’d approve of Laverne-style scarlet letters for adulterers.***

A couple Congrats! go out to our local Summit High grads. Tasha Rosener, of Dillon, just started classes at Bates College in Maine. Tasha, the daughter of Donna Rosener, is a 2004 SHS grad.A big salute also goes out to stand-out SHS swimmer Eric Lowe. Eric, also a 2004 grad, just finished boot camp at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and his parents Terry and Dan are pretty proud of him, telling us he will major in marine engineering and has joined the academy’s sailing team.Rock on, kids.***Once again, welcome to Sunday, Summit Up Land. Send us poetry filled with your hopes for a bountiful winter at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just recite it Maya Angelou-style on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out dozing off in front of the football game, smelling the smoke of the neighborhood’s fireplaces drifting off with the days of summer …

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