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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that thinks we all need to stop and take a moment to consider just how amazing airplanes are in our lives.What a time in history this is when we can jet to any city in America in as much time as many people kill watching TV each day.We had a friend who was getting married, and we were unsure whether we’d be able to make it to St. Louis for the ceremonies. Then we realized that a flight to “The Loo” takes less than two hours from Denver, and it was like we had to go. Two hours? We’ve sat on the toilet reading for that long. And now, in our lifetimes, we get to bring our bodies halfway across the country – 1,000 miles – in that time.Sure, this mobility and freedom has led to an unnatural fractionalization of society and contributes to our collective existential anxiety, but that’s a whole different world’s only daily column.For now we ask that you join us in marvelling at the power of flight.Lord knows the passengers don’t. Most air travelers treat flying like it’s a trip to the grocery store. They read, sleep and look generally uninterested, as if flying were a God-given right, not a mind-boggling feat of human engineering. And you just want to scream at them: HEY, WE’REHURTLINGAT700 MILESPERHOURFIVEMILESABOVETHEEARTHSO WE CAN GET SOMEWHERE IN TWO HOURS WHEN IT USED TO TAKE TWO DAYS.You want them to consider, just for a second, how truly amazing it all is.But then, they probably wouldn’t hear us over their iPods anyway.***Lee says we’re flirting with karmic disaster. He’s probably very right.He e-mailed us from Breckenridge saying, don’t get him wrong, he loves the Angel Alerts! Angel Alerts! and Scum Alerts! Scum Alerts! but we’re toying with forces we don’t understand and, worst of all, shouldn’t be toying with at all.Lee says that us summoning genies, forces and cosmic retribution in the form of karma is just plain wrong. “When somebody wishes bad karma done to another because the offending person did something bad, that means that the offending must then turn around and do something bad to the wishing,” Lee wrote. “So if I scratch your car, for example, I have incurred bad karma upon you. When you wish bad karma upon me for the scratch, you have incurred bad karma upon me. This now means I wish bad karma back upon you and the cycle continues. Karma, the great equalizer for good, is not being used in the way it is meant.”According to Lee, we can ask the Israelis and the Palestinians exactly how well this works.He offers this solution: “Instead, this is how karma works: I scratch your car, my fault; I have incurred karma OWED to you. It is now my responsibility to do something good to/for you, to right the wrong. Karma only works for the good and right. So let’s spread the good karma around this county.”He’s probably right. However, this doesn’t do much for the victim of ski thievery, the person whose car was hit-and-runned in the grocery store parking lot, or the cold hitchhiker who had her jacket stolen at the bar. These people, emotionally, need retribution and, well, if we have to take some bad karma for the team because we’re wishing ill on these perpetrators, well, that’s what we’re here to do.Just consider us your friendly neighborhood bad karma sinkhole, taking it in our immortal kiesters for you, good readers.But point taken, Lee. Here’s wishing you some good luck today for setting us straight.***Normally, we don’t take much interest in high school students, say, down in Arvada. That’s normally, but this is a couple of proud Summit Up Land grandparents we’re talking about here.Don Peterson at Summit Gold e-mailed us the good news that Ashley L. Bass, granddaughter of Don and his wife, Jane, was recently selected into the National Society of High School Scholars. Membership to the society is by invitation only and is quite an honor for the nation’s top scholars. Nice job, Ashley, you made the grandparents proud.***We are happy this Monday because somewhere in Colorado the first powder day has been had. And that just makes our heart warm and fuzzy. Describe the temperature and texture of your heart at, or start singing Christmas carols on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998 ext. 237.We’re out praising the Wright brothers …

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