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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column written in the boopity-boop-boop-boop skebazzin-de-wop-waaaaaaaah language of jazz.The whole world should run on jazz time, speak jazz language and eat jazz food. We command it.In case you’re trying to figure out where all this is coming from, let us say that the word of the weekend was “happening.” When you hang out with jazz musicians for three days, which we did, you A) hear the word “happening” about 500 times an hour and B) realize that, no matter how cool you think you are, you are nowhere near as cool as a “happening” jazz cat. And after hearing them talk about the jazz universe (which is all about name-dropping – “I played in so-and-so’s orchestra” and “I sat in with that cat” and such-and-such a person “is the happeningest thing on the trombone right now, man” – but not in a bad way; the name-dropping just shows you that it’s all about the people and the music they make) we decided this is the way the whole world needs to be: listening to jazz, talking about good people and just wanting it to go on and on and on.Apparently, Japan is way ahead of the United States on this one. We say that because these musicians couldn’t stop talking about how much the Japanese love jazz and so-and-so is huuuuge in Japan and so-and-so sells crazy CDs in Japan (again with the name-dropping). We know what our readers are saying: Jazz may be huge in Japan, but let us remind you that these are also the people that eat raw fish and wrestle in oversized diapers as a national sport. But we plead with our readers to not let that affect their judgment. Trust us, jazz is where it’s at. As we said, it’s happening.***Kathy sent us an e-mail saying she received great customer service and everybody needs to know about it. Shawn and the guys at Silverthorne Subaru took care of her (and her Subie) “in a superb fashion when I took it in for the infamous ‘check engine’ light.”***Kevin thought he’d shoot us an e-mail: “Just wanted to drop you a lion. I’m here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Currently, it’s 100 degrees outside. We’ve just finished Labor Day on the lake. Bet you’re not wearing pasties and a thong today! LOL! I read your column and it brings back fond memories of hike and bike trips to Summit County. I read Summit Up often, as do I the Durango Herald police blotter, and Ed Dentry’s outdoors columns at Rocky Mountain News. “Summer lingers here until the end of September. Dreaming of a ride up to Vail Pass then, Shrine Pass, the Around the Lake route or Keystone Gulch, signed me.” Thanks for the note, Kevin. And if you like Durango’s cop stuff, make sure you check out ours – Up Against the Wall, now appearing every other Monday.***It’s Wednesday, and today’s password is “syncopated downbeat.” We just don’t know where to use it. If you do, let us know at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just do a little scattin’ on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out, and we’re happenin’ …

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