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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column with a little inspiration for those stuck in a rut.The season’s changing, there’s a nip in the air, and that means the days are getting shorter, work might be a little slow (with its consequent effect on the paycheck) and, if you’re like us, it’s the time of year that, although you’re excited about another ski season, you wonder what in Buddha’s name you’re doing here in Summit Up Land. But, as Jenna reminds us in this e-mail she sent, we know why we’re here if we really think about it:”Hiii i… (put the emphasis on the “i” for that proper drawl). This is a southern girl that is absolutely ecstatic about her ‘soon to be’ move to Summit County. I visited friends in June and I fell in love with the towns and their people, not to mention the land. I thought to myself, ‘Hell, do something for YOURSELF for a change!’ So here I come! This will be my first ‘white Christmas,’ believe it or not, and I’m so excited. Anyways, enough about me. I wanted to comment on your column. I read every day to check the classifieds for that perfect job I’m praying to find, and every day I read your column. I wanted to say that you’re one of the reasons I love Summit County – no way in hell would a Metro Atlanta paper publish a column that was free to say whatever they wanted and felt for that particular day. And I wanted to say that you practice your ‘freedom’ with grace and respect, but give enough slack to be cool and be with ‘it.’ Good job Summit Up! Keep it up!” So, no matter how your shoulder-season is going, just remember it could be worse: You could be anywhere else in the world, folks.***An anonymous e-mailer was creeped out by the picture on Sunday’s front page. At least that’s what we’re guessing, because the author signed the letter, “Creeped Out in Summit County.” “This note is just to address the photo on the front page of Sunday’s Summit Daily News. It could be poor printing, but the photo of the Advocates for Victims of Assault shelter seems to have a sheer figure/aberration next to the couch on the lefthand side. Nothing is mentioned in the caption, though the figure(s), to me, look like one kneeling at the base of the couch, and the other standing just behind it. Any thoughts? Thanks!”Well, we decided to ask the photographer who made that image what the heck was going on. Truth be told, it was giving us nightmares, as well. But you have to understand. These photographer types try to be “artistes.” They’re the kind that wear berets, you know, and smoke cigarettes from long filters. They probably even listen to jazz, too.So, anyway, this particular photographer said, yes, you should see figures in that photo. It’s a way of putting a person in a sensitive photo situation without identifying that person. (People staying in shelters don’t necessarily want to advertise it.) Truth be told, the photographer went one step further to make sure no one from the shelter could be identified – that’s him in the picture. Shhhhh. It’s a secret.And, while we’re on the subject, that story didn’t include a phone number for those interested in helping out. If you think you can aid the Advocates and their quest to keep the shelter open, contact Regan Wood at (970) 389-0090.***It’s Thursday, and we’re hitting the trail for a little communion-in-the-woods time. Think warm thoughts for us when the sun goes down. Or, just tell us to go straight to Hades at summitup@, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just warm us up with a sunny observation on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out running naked on the ridgeline …

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