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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column completely re-evaluating our relationship with food.Diets come and diets go, but this is no diet (no disrespect to Jenny Craig, Dr. Atkins or whoever is spouting off down there in South Beach). No, this is a complete overhaul of the meaning of food in our lives.Food has always been a source of pleasure for us. Eating was a pastime. Whenever we listed our hobbies to potential health insurers or dates, we always listed eating right up there with playing third base for our rec league softball team.We knew we weren’t alone in this hobby, but no one else had the guts to admit it. It’s like, how many people out there that we see stumbling around Main Street at 2 in the morning occupy themselves mainly with drinking. This is their No. 1 form of recreation. But if you ask them to list their pastimes, they’ll probably say something like mountain biking.Well, not us. Food, eating, stuffing our faces – that is what we liked to do, and we made sure everyone knew it.But we had friends and associates who dreaded eating. Absolutely hated it. Couldn’t understand how we derived any pleasure from the act. We’re not sure if they were born without taste buds or they were only fed gruel as children.We felt bad for these people. Something that should have been a grandiose event three times a day, they viewed as an inconvenience.Meals are not only self-gratifying, they’re practically a social institution, albeit an eroding one. Before television and the Internet, this is how people gathered and communicated, in front of the table. Now we have people eating in their cars.We’re searching for the middle ground here. We’ve been urged to tone down on food as a provider of pleasure, yet you’ll never see us disrespecting the act of eating by doing it behind the wheel.What we’re shifting toward is a sanctification of food and eating. We’re making it almost a spiritual practice, one that needs to be respected.Looking back, we were no more correct to use food to satisfy our hedonistic desires than our scrawny friends were to bemoan how boring and inconvenient eating was in their busy lives.Oh, we’ll still savor every bite. But now we savor it less like a crack addict savors each inhalation and more like a grandmother savors a smile from her grandchild.***Not that we need to tell you, but it’s Saturday. Or as they say in Breckenridge, “Oktoberfest.” Two strange things about Oktoberfest: One, it’s in September, and two, who spells October with a K? And while we’re here, who spends that much time learning the polka, and is there anyone under the age of 82 still playing this music?Hopefully these questions will all be answered on Main Street in Breckenridge this weekend as we respectfully inhale beer and bratwurst. This is one of Summit County’s best festivals, partly because it coincides with an enormous ski swap, while that nip in the air tells you something great is coming.Combine that with NFL football and a scorching Red Sox/Yankees series and you have the makings of heaven on earth.Tell us what you think of the festival at or just give us a good beer and brat burp on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998 ext. 237.We’re out on the street …

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