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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column admiring rainbows. Did you see the big ol’ fat, colorful ‘bow over Frisco Monday morning?It was enough to bring one’s spirits up out of the depths of lowness that workdays can bring on.But this ‘bow! It spread from the center of Dillon Reservoir and splashed down in the middle of Rainbow Lake. Red, yellow, blue and purple!Oh purple mountain’s majesty and buffalo roaming! Sure makes you proud to be a Coloradan.***A note from Paul Cagiano, of Kitty Hawk, N.C.,:”Over the recent Labor Day weekend, I found myself in Summit County with some unexpected leisure time. (EDITOR’S NOTE: You lucky DOG! End of editor’s note.) I had been backpacking in Eagles Nest and came out prior to the weather change and snowfall.”Over coffee at Starbucks, I was perusing Summit Up and was pleasantly surprised to read the author’s musings over the marvel of powered flight and how blasé people seem to be about airline travel. I just so happen to live in Kitty Hawk, N.C., the very birthplace of modern aviation.”Just last December the world came to Kitty Hawk to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brother’s first flight. We all had the opportunity to reflect on the genius and tenacity of the Wright Brothers and the marvel of aviation.”It is uncommon to see the same sort of appreciation in the media anywhere for something we all take for granted. Thanks for giving Wilbur and Orville their due. I thank them for making it possible for me to hop onto a jet and be in Denver in a minimum of three hours and in Summit County in five.”Ha! Take that, you tourism-related people! We have always maintained that it takes two hours to get from DIA to Summit County, not the hour-and-a-half you purport!Ahem. We digress.Paul continues: “During the same weekend, I had all of Sunday with no plans, (EDITOR’S NOTE: See Above!) so I was looking for some activities. Fortunately I saw the ad for the ‘Gathering at the Great Divide’ in Breckenridge so I drove there to stroll through the show.” ‘Artsy’ is not an adjective normally attributed to me, but I spent the entire day wandering among the booths marveling at the wares of the gifted artists and artisans on display. (Yes, I bought some items.) I was especially attracted to the artwork of Breck resident Gretchen Norwalk, whose paintings drew me in like a magnet. It was a wonderful show and the organizers and the town of Breckenridge deserve kudos. It was one of the best (albeit unexpected) days of my vacation.”So there ya go. I enjoyed your paper, I had some great times in Summit County and I contributed some to your local economy.”Maybe I’ll return sometime for ski season. Keep up the good work.”Hey, Paul, glad you had a great time! That’s what we’re here for!*** OK, enough already. We out. Do a voicemail fly-by at (970) 668-3998, ext. 228. We be out chasing rainbows and butterflies …

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