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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that doesn’t have to complain about California and Utah anymore.Well, for now.We don’t know about you, but we were getting pretty tired of hearing about the dumps they were getting at Mammoth and Alta. We were even jealous of the pictures we were seeing from Silverton (chest-deep, by the way). We had to console ourselves with the honest admission that, hey, even if we were getting snow like that, we wouldn’t be able to do anything in it. We’d make two turns, then fall down out of breath and drown in the snow. But that only did a little to keep us from wanting it, and wanting it bad. In big dump truck-loads.Suffice it to say, waking up Friday was a nice treat. And all our readers want us to be happy, we know, so they’ll join us in focusing our psychic energies on forcing this storm system to sit right down on top of us and puke out every last bit of moisture in crystalline form.Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhmmmmmm. Come on now: Ohhhhhmmmmm.***Our column earlier in the week on the presidential ballot and all the myriad, fine candidates you’ll find there when you go to fill it out generated a few responses. Sherri Rider, who reads us online from Wichita, Kan., writes, “As far as voting for president, I’m going for the donkey with the hair extensions (Bud commercial). He’s the only one that hasn’t flung any ‘patties’ at any one.”It’s a sad day in politics when we have to choose our candidates based on how little they resemble monkeys, wouldn’t you say, Sherri?Mary, writing from Las Vegas (you guys in Summit Up Land didn’t know we were so world-famous, huh?), said our discourse on all the weird presidential candidates struck a chord: “We had a similar experience when we opened our absentee ballots … Who are these guys?” If you didn’t believe our column from two weeks ago about what a snafu this election is liable to be, take it from Mary. She and her husband were filling out their Ohio absentee ballots and had this to say about how professional it all seemed:”And on our ballots, they had taken a black magic marker and crossed out Ralph Nader’s and his running mate’s names. Apparently they didn’t get enough signatures on their petitions in Ohio, so the names had to be crossed off the already printed ballots.”Then, of course, we had to read and re-read the directions on how to use our ‘official punching tool’ and properly poke the holes in the ballot ticket. I tried to do a good punch in each hole as I certainly didn’t want to be responsible for any ‘hanging chads.’ … Then it had to be wrapped a special way in a special ‘privacy envelope’ with the stub protruding out the end just right. It also cost extra postage to mail in the special envelope because it could not go through the electronic sorting machines. But it didn’t say that on the instructions or envelope … we just wondered if one stamp was enough and took it to the post office. If you’d just slapped one stamp on it and stuck it in the box, you’d be out of luck! You’d think it would have been prepaid postage!”Mary also added, quite infuriatingly, that it’s snowing in the mountains outside Vegas, which to our mind, is the biggest rip-off of all.***It’s Saturday, and we hope you’re also focusing those mental energies on our tournament-bound high school athletes. The runners, the volleyballers and soccerers (yeah, we made that word up) are all down on the Front Range competing in post-season competition.Let us know what else we should be thinking of at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just remind us we rarely think enough about anything, especially what we say, on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out building Smurf-sized snowmen …

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