Summit Up 8-16-12: Where fairy tales are negated by modern technology |

Summit Up 8-16-12: Where fairy tales are negated by modern technology

Summit Up
Special to the Daily/Sam SherstadA hazy sunrise over Grays & Torreys Wednesday morning. Wildfires in Idaho and Washington are causing it all.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that feels like we’re living in a bit of a dream lately, what with all this haze from wildfires in the Northwest in the skies the past few days. It’s a vivid (or, OK, hazy) reminder that, even if our local fire danger has gotten back down to “low” with all our recent rains, the West as a whole is …MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Don’t say “out of the woods yet.”SU: … is still, uhhh, in danger. Hmmm … that doesn’t have quite the same ring as “out of the woods yet,” but we appreciate our fan base’s aversion to puns and clichs and we’ll honor it. But we have to wonder, what’s so bad about being in the woods in the first place? Seems like, around here, we’re always trying to get into the woods. Probably it harkens back to the day when the woods were really scary places and people didn’t have GPS’s or cellphones or the Summit Rescue Group or any of that. And, if you wanted to scare little kids, you would create fairy tales about witches and trolls and goblins and big, bad wolves – all of whom were denizens of the woods.Just think of all the fabulous literature we’d be without if these modern devices existed back when folks like The Brothers Grimm were writing fairy tales. Hansel and Gretel not only wouldn’t get lost in the woods, but if they made it to the witch’s house, they’d’ve called 911 and gotten her locked up pronto. If Rumpelstilskin kidnapped your baby, another 911 call, Amber Alert and a long prison sentence.We’d make a crack here about how there’s just not enough danger in the world anymore, but we know there sure is – just in different forms. But even an evil old witch seems pretty tame compared to a lunatic with an assault rifle.***Well here it is Thursday already, and it’s time to gear up for all that’s going on over the weekend. Soon, it’ll be snowing like mad (don’tcha think – after last year’s poor showing?) so you want to take in as much of the summer as you can. By which we mean to say you shouldn’t sit inside all day playing Nintendo DS like our kids. Thank god school starts next week! Woo-hoo!We out.

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