Summit Up 8-17-10: Where capes are back in |

Summit Up 8-17-10: Where capes are back in

by Summit Up
Little Capers

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wonders why capes aren’t more popular. If you think about your average superhero, it’s pretty much the deal that the cape makes you cooler (or is it just insurance against a hero who’s packed on a couple of pounds in later career?). Anyway, we think capes are cool, and we were reminded of this when we got a press release from a company called Little Capers. As you may know, capers are a delightfully odd little condiment sorta thing that’s great for cooking certain dishes (you can usually find them near the olives). Capers, BTW, are actually the buds off a spiny bush (Capparis spinosa), which is then pickled, put in jars and used in things like spaghettie puttanesca.

Where were we? Oh, right, Little Capers. Nothing’s more fun than wearing a superhero costume as a kid, and we know some young’ns who will put them on at Halloween and then decide, hey, this thing looks so darn good I’m going to wear it every day! So Little Capers has tapped into this latent superhero desire on the part of kids to create spiffy T-shirts that include detachable capes. So, if you’re like going to school or the doctor or something, you can take off the cape, but as soon as you’re home or on the playground, you can put that baby right back on and WHAMMO! You’re a superhero!

Anyway, the point of the press release was to offer some tips on back-to-school for little one, including things like:

• Superheroes do what’s right! Superheroes lead by example, which means, when your teacher says it’s time to be quiet and work on a project, true superheroes get to work right away.

• Choose a superhero secret item! Are you having trouble feeling as comfortable at school as you do at home? Put on your Little Capers superhero cape, find a small thing that reminds you of home and keep it in your pocket or backpack to remind you that you always have a little piece of “home” with you.

If you’re in the market for some rad superhero gear for your little ones, the website is


Here’s a random e-mail from Melanie Morris in Australia that we thought we’d share. Sounds like possibly a pretty good deal if it checks out:

“If you want to swap the skis or the snowboard for a surfboard then you’ve come to the right place! I am looking for a house/condo swap in January 2010 for 1 or 2 weeks. I am after a place for two people – the closer to the slopes the better! I can offer a three-bedroom townhouse in a beautiful historic suburb on Sydney Harbour, 7km from the centre of the city. If you are interested please email me

It’s always a good idea to get the heck outta Dodge around that time of year. If not Australia, then Mexico or anywhere warm. We’re not ready yet, but we’re starting to feel fall in the air already, and before you know it …

We out.

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