Summit Up 8-31-10: Seeking scientists to study our brain |

Summit Up 8-31-10: Seeking scientists to study our brain

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that says “sayonara summer 2010!” Holy cow, can you believe it’s the last day of August? Where did the summer go? Already we’re feeling decided nips in the air and trees are turning and we’re getting more press releases from the ski areas. Hang tight … it’s on the way!***We had a response to Cap’n Freshies odd missive last week about peculiar drinks from around the world. Someone who didn’t leave a name wrote to say:”In your article about drinks from all nations, it says “In the Maldives, the natives like a drink called ‘slammo,’ which is one part rum, one part salt water and one part clam juice …’ I wanted to let you know that we Maldivians do not drink alcoholic beverges 🙂 so this statement is in fact incorrect. I have never even heard of ‘slammo.’ It is probably something made up by someone. Only tourist in the Maldives have access to rum, so don’t see how it could be something the ‘natives’ like.”First off, we hope there are many more Maldivians reading Summit Up. Secondly, we believe Cap’n Freshies was making this stuff up as he went along, so take anything he says with a huge grain of salt. Thirdly, even if Maldivians in general don’t drink or have access to alcohol, our experience tells us there’s always a will and a way to consume cocktails no matter what. Either way, we’ll pass on the Slammo, thanks, and settle for a traditional beer, wine or cocktail that does not feature clam juice of any kind.***Next up is an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from John West, who writes thusly:Here’s an Angel Alert for Rob of Rob Karbowski’s Gutters & Ice Melt Systems, who overheard my comment about (a) flatting and (b) missing the bus at Farmer’s Korner and gave me and my disabled bike a lift to my door in Breckenridge. Thanks, Rob!”***Like most folks, we get tons of weird, unwelcome and annoying e-mails all the time -many of which are obviously composed by people in random countries around the world who are phishin’ around for suckers they can extract money from. Usually we just delete them, but this one caught our eye for its weirdness and unique-osity:”My name is Chandra Smith I am 34 years old I am in search of a scientist who will study my brain as I am gifted and able through conversation and time that materializes on TV , radio, newspaper, etc. Some people call it synchronicities, but I would like to have a scientist opinion. While I can’t guarantee what will materialize some or all or parts of the conversation usually do materialize. Please help me through a scientist point of view tell me why this is happening to me. I only speak English that is all understand. Thank you for your time you can reach me at …”Whaddaya think that might mean? What’s the scam here, we wonder? Chandra isn’t asking for money or for our hand in marriage or anything like that. Chandra says she lives in Lake Elsinore, Calf. and “only speaks English” – but we’re going to guess she’s writing from an archipelago in French Polynesia or something. Who knows? We’d e-mail her back to ask what in tarnation she’s talking about, but we’re afraid we’d end up with our checking account cleared out, a subscription to The Watchtower or a set of indestructible Ginsu knives or something.Gotta run, folks. Have a titillating Tuesday!

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