Summit Up 8-5-12: Where Athens meets Sparta |

Summit Up 8-5-12: Where Athens meets Sparta

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s educating the masses about the difference between Athenians and Spartans.

Consider this a flash back to elementary social studies class with a lecture from your favorite teacher, us.

SU: Gooooood morning class! It’s so kind of you to join us here on a Sunday. Now shut up and listen – The Athenians and Spartans were not just buff dudes back in the day (well they were, but there’s more to this story than that).

Over achieving student: Oo! Oo! The Athen’s government had leaders that were elected!

SU: Ahhh yes, many say that Athens is said to have been the birth place of democra-

OAS: And Spartans lived a more simple life, and focused on army life! They even trained young girls to be warriors.

SU: Hey kid, who’s the teacher here? So anyway, The Athenian life was something of a creative wonderland – meaning that the Athenians were basically a bunch of sissies. They toted around with them literature and art and they always needed the Spartans to have their back in battles.

OAS: Wait.. Didn’t the Athenians and the Spartans fight side by side to win the Battle of Plataea which ended the Persian invasions of Greece?

SU: We’ve had it! THIS IS SPARTA! (Very small, epic, soft, kick to OAS’s chest)

OAS: Geez sorry… But if I can add one more little thing – that was more like an Athenian kick than a Spartan kick. (Entire class erupts with laughter.)

SU: Okay, okay! You may be right about the democratic state of the Athenians and you may know a couple names to a few totally insignificant battles but we’re the teacher here! Now behave and sit in your little desk!

Doesn’t being back in school sounds fun? No? We don’t think so either. So enjoy the rest of your Sunday and summer! We out.

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