Summit Up 8-6-10: Had it with cell phone companies! |

Summit Up 8-6-10: Had it with cell phone companies!

by Summit UP
Special to the Daily/David GidleyThe typical weekend traffic jam on I-70 takes place between Summit County and Floyd Hill every Sunday afternoon from about noon to 7 p.m. along the mountainous interstate corridor just like clockwork. Add a little rain and this past Sunday's traffic was noticeably more congested and slow, and stores and shops close to the ramp exit in Georgetown were over-run with business. At the Georgetown Valero, gas pumps had lines and with no available parking cars were parking across the streets to flood into the convenience stores. The solution? Stay in Summit County Sunday night and go back in the morning!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s feeling a little bitter about technology today. Well, maybe not so much technology as the companies behind it all. We’ve been looking at replacing our cell phone, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that our provider (in this case Verizon, but we’re guessing they’re all in this) is stacking the deck in favor of “smart” phones that require a “data plan” – in other words, all the coolest new phones are web-ready things that require an extra $30 a month to own.

Fiends! The conspiracy is obvious, and evil. If you look at the non-smart phones (dumb phones?), they’re all busted, lame-looking things that have rotary dial, big long extension cords and are the size of bread boxes. Sure, you can order one of these ol’ tanks, but all your friends will laugh at you when you have to climb atop it and pedal to get it to make a call. And BTW, Verizon, we don’t need or want the Internet and e-mail following us everywhere! When we step away from this infernal machine at the end of the day, we’re ready to be done with it, goldarnit!

Life isn’t fair, but it’s especially not fair when you’re dealing with cell phone companies. Does it bother them at all, we wonder, when they look around and note that all of their customers despise them and their practices? At any rate, we look forward to the future when we will all have Star Trek-like communications devices that, judging from what we’ve seen in the movies, appear to be free.

Nice. That’s the world we want to live in.


OK, we have a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! here from Skip at Copper, who has a bone to pick thusly:

“To the low life in the light blue gray VW Bug who tried to run me off the road and shouted profanities as I rode my bike up Swan Mountain Road from Frisco Wednesday about noon: I provided the details and your license plate number to the sheriff waiting at the top.”

There’s something about these kinds of folks we will never understand. When you’re in a car, all you need to do to stop or go or move is twitch your hands or your feet just a little bit – it’s not hard, doesn’t take any additional energy and only a teeny bit of additional thought. With those actions, you can either be a total hosebag (as was Skip’s nemesis in the Bug) or Mr. or Ms. Cool, Reasonable Person. Let’s focus on being cool out there, shall we folks?

Of course, we know regular readers of Summit Up are not butt-knockers like the evil Bug driver, but still – maybe y’all can pass it on.


Well, this is obviously enough fun for one day. As we write on Thursday, so far it has not yet rained, although it’s been pretty cloudy. We’re hoping things clear up for the Dillon BBQ this weekend. Fingers crossed … we out.

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