Summit Up 8-7-2011: Where scrapbooks are all the rage |

Summit Up 8-7-2011: Where scrapbooks are all the rage

Summit Up
Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s thinking about winter again. We know, we know, we shouldn’t be thinking about sad stuff like cold weather and really bad traffic. We should be enjoying the perfect Summit County summer that’s still going on right outside our window. But, deep down, we know it’s just a matter of months, maybe only weeks, before that first icy cold blast of what-the-heck-was-that comes out of nowhere and knocks us right out of our flip flops and back into our snow boots.

Don’t get us wrong, we love skiing and snowboarding and all that other awesome winter stuff, but we have to say, summer’s kinda like that beloved childhood best friend: you always forget how fun they are and you’re always sad to see them go.

Ah well, what can you do? On to more cheerful topics.


A few days ago we mentioned a guy who had taken up the very intelligent, and apparently pretty common, practice of saving SDN masterpieces in a scrapbook when he was done with them, rather than using them to line the litter box or start campfires.

Well this week we had another local actually bring in her scrapbook for our perusal, and man this lady saved tons of cool stuff!

According to the note included, the scrapbook is “a collection of a volunteer ski patroller who moved to Summit County, Colo., from Germany … to enjoy Champagne powder as a senior, to live out life to the fullest and …” something else we can’t quite make out.

The card attached to the note said the awesome scrapbook full of some pretty epic photos of Summit County, local wildlife and some awesome powder turns, belongs to “Baronesse Dr. Ernemartl von Truetzschler zu Falkenstein.”

First of all, imagine having to learn to spell that name in first grade. Ouch. And secondly, Baronesse?! We didn’t even know those still existed. And apparently now they have business cards. Awesome.

Anyway, Dr. E, as we will be calling you in the interest of space, thanks for sharing your collection with us. We have it here for you whenever you want to pick it up.

And for all the rest of the MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS out there, if you have similar scrapbooks you want to share, we’d love to see them. Send in a photo of your scrapbook and we’ll print it so everyone can see. It’s better proof you’re a local than a ZL license plate.


Well, folks it’s Sunday. The day of rest. Or, more realistically, the day of shampooing the carpets, fighting with a zillion parts of a new tricycle for your kid and taking the snow tires off the car (probably should have done that before now). Anyway, whatever your plans are, have a great day!

We out.

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