Summit Up 8-8-09 |

Summit Up 8-8-09

Andy Miller of Frisco turns 8 on 8/8 today — surely some kind of special occurrence! Mom, Dad, Brittany, Austin, Kaylie and Max all wish the very happiest birthday to The Andyman. We love you buddy!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column where rolling through roundabouts is all the rage.We can’t help it, but every time we start spinning through an intersection that’s governed by nothing more than a few yield signs and a few globs of yellow paint, we feel as though we’re transported into some magical Utopia – where people police themselves, and the world runs on common courtesy and the unwritten rules of the road.That is, until we’re blindsided by an unsuspecting motorist unfamiliar with this circular marvel of civil engineering, and we have to slam on our brakes to avoid an accident.Despite the fact that we flash a sarcastic thumbs-up to signify our disappointment, we really can’t help but sympathize with this person who doesn’t understand the concept of a nonstopping intersection. After all, there are only 376 roundabouts accounted for in the entire United States and only 897 in the entire world – none in Belarus. Though those numbers may or may not be completely made up, we understand that roundabouts are to intersections what mullets are to hairstyles: They are extremely rare, and when you actually do see one, you’re so confused how anyone thought it was a good idea to create it that you can’t even comprehend how to handle it properly. Really, they’re both mysteries that may never be solved.Something that we have solved here at Summit Up, though, is the fascination with cooking shows for people that have absolutely no culinary qualifications – and certainly no desire to ever create a meal more complicated than a Tombstone pizza, preferably pepperoni and sausage.We tend to liken it to someone watching professional basketball. Would it be entertaining to watch a game of 40-year-old, unathletic dudes under 5-foot-7? Of course not. When we watch a game, we want to see people do things that we can’t – and never will – even attempt to do. We want to be impressed and amazed by what we are watching. (And we probably enjoy basketball, too.)That’s similar to watching Bobby Flay whip up some grilled prawns with grilled cornmeal cakes and green onion vinaigrette. Do we know how to make grilled prawns with grilled cornmeal cakes and green onion vinaigrette? Hell, no. Are we even 100 percent sure what a prawn is? Not really. And that’s what makes it interesting. We’re watching someone do something that, most likely, we don’t have the ability to do. Not to mention, watching someone make an amazing meal surprisingly enjoyable when you’re eating some nuked frozen chicken nuggets (cut into the shape of dinosaurs) for the 37th straight lunch.Speaking of food, we would have to say that original M&Ms are simply the most underrated food in the history of food. Period. Done. End of story. Sometimes, people get so caught up in new fads that they don’t realize that an original masterpiece outlasts the test of time. That reminds us, roundabouts are truly the “Crunchy M&Ms” of the intersection world. Don’t remember the crunchies? Well, that’s our point.

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