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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column ready to take up parkour.Whaddya mean, you never heard of parkour? Harumph.It’s a new sport that involves throwing oneself at inanimate objects such as trees and brick walls, then deflecting oneself away, or, if you’re feeling Spiderman-y, clinging to the aforementioned inanimate object.What you do is run toward, say, a brick wall and, without splatting yourself against it, jump into the air, grab onto the wall and try to hold on. Then right as your finger joints are about to pop, throw yourself away from the wall and land on the ground without breaking anything.

Or, come at the wall from an angle, jump and run as high was you can along the wall. Some of the kids – we really don’t think someone our age should participate – even throw themselves upside down in a flip using the tree/wall/park bench as leverage.”The world is our canvas and our movement is the art,” said one. It kind of looks like skateboarding without the skateboard. That in itself is a benefit for the participants (Parkourers? Parkourists? Oh, traceurs, of course) who don’t get harassed by cops like skateboarders sometimes do. But then the traceurs says they don’t have an attitude like skateboarders do.Hey, just wait a minute! We skateboarders don’t have an attitude. Nuh-uh! Nuh-uh! Whoever told you that is … well, yeah! So there! Take that! Jees.•••

We got an e-mail from a long-lost resident asking why she never hears about Shamus O’Toole’s Roadhouse Saloon or Tillies in the newspaper anymore.Aren’t they fun to go to anymore? Or are they gone? Is Fatty’s still there?The woman left in the early 1990s and, we’re sure, has been hankering to get back ever since. But you know how that is. You get caught up in the corporate rat race and next thing you know you’re making a couple mil a year at Enron and just can’t leave.Well, Shamus O’Toole’s, once the hotbed of biker dudes and their hot leather-clad mamas, is now the diametrically opposed Breckenridge Theatre. Talk about a change!

Tillies is South Ridge Seafood Grill, Fatty’s is still hanging in there and we have seven lights in town, once the one at French and Main are lighted up. (Attention City Market shoppers! Attention City Market shoppers! After this winter, you will no longer be able to turn left from Main Street to Park to get to City Market. Use the manufacturer’s instructions and the light at French Street and Main to do your shopping. And as always, thank you for shopping at K-Mart.)•••We out, practicing our parkours moves. We’re going to be in on the bottom floor of this movement and make the world our canvas. If you have any thoughts on this, ring ’em in to (970) 668-3998, ext. 237 or

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