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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column stuck on a ski lift, reliving our worst nightmares about jumping.

They say not to do it. But when we were stuck on a chair at a nearby resort for 40 minutes on Tuesday, we have to admit, a lot of crazy thoughts crossed our minds. For one, we wondered what it would feel like to have our skis collide with the icy berms 80 feet below.

Quickly, we surmised, it would hurt. (Brilliance rarely occurs above treeline. If you need proof, watch a ski video ” any one will do).

Then we wondered how we could survive the night if we were stuck and ignored by the ski patrol we saw boot packing on a nearby slope. We had no heavy clothes other than our warm-weather ski gear, and while we were fond of our skiing companion, we found him neither attractive nor comforting.

We thought about shimmying up the chair to the wire, pulling off our belt and ziplining down to the base lodge, too. That’s all you can do at that altitude … think silly thoughts. Our companion, for example, thought he should pee off the lift to attract attention.

After that, we tried not to think at all. Instead, we played with our helmets, made funny noises with our zippers and clicked our poles to the beat of “We Will Rock You” by Queen, but eventually those novelty time-passers became dull and useless, so we went back to thinking about our impending death.

It would hurt to jump, yes. But how much?

A lot, we brilliantly surmised again.

Alas! Before we could begin any daredevilish stunt, the old lift motor began purring and we were being whisked to the top of the mountain. Instead of haranguing a liftie about the etiquette of leaving riders stuck on a lift, or bashing a ski patrolman for gypping us on our hour away from the Corporate Suites, we focused more on regaining our sanity.

We gathered our thoughts, pointed our tips down the mountain and carved our way under the lift which was, of course, empty.

Day 19 was one to remember … or forget … it’s too hard to think about for now.


Moving on, it’s time for our thought of the day: If you had to be stuck on a lift for 24 hours, who would you bring, what would you bring and what would you say to the first person you saw after you were saved?

Here are our answers: We would bring Willie Nelson and the Family, a basket of sandwiches and, to the first person we saw, we’d just start singing “Whiskey River” and hope Willie knows how to ride.


OK. We’re really moving on now.


It’s Wednesday, which means we’re killing time until Friday. Tell us how best to kill time at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237, fax us at (970) 668-0755, or just e-mail us defenses for why time should not be killed at

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