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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering why cats’ whiskers are always white.We were noticing this the other day while at a friend’s house watching a dull segment of the Steelers’ game. We have money on the Steelers, so don’t inundate us with e-mails saying what scum we are for not supporting the Donkeys. We foolishly put money on them, too.Anyway, we noticed the cat because usually the cat wants nothing more to do with us than inflict great damage on our passing legs. The cat, whose name is Cocoa but should be changed to Cuckoo, never passes up the opportunity to unleash claws that have been newly manicured and sharpened to rival an IV needle placed those claws in our foot.We try to avoid this cat.But when it approached us – and we realized we were cornered – with its tail up in the air AS IF IT WANTED TO OFFER US A TRUCE TREATY! HA!, we very, very, very, very slowly reached down to pet its head.That was when we noticed and realized that all cats have white whiskers. Even black, calico and plaid cats have white whiskers.Dogs don’t always have white whiskers. Neither do horses. Gerbils’ whiskers match their fur color. What is it with cats?***We have an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! going out to Mark Seifner of Copper Mountain who, co-worker Melinda Young noted, helped a little old lady get her car out of the snow the other day.She writes, “It was early one morning in Leadville when the plows came to remove the snow from the roads. Mark was up getting ready to leave for work when he spied a little old lady trying to get her car moved for the plows. He helped her move her front-wheel-drive car off the road and using a shovel, removed the snow in front of her garage.”She rewarded him with some fat pumpkin bread and a bag of cookies! When I heard him telling his story later that morning at work I thought of the Summit Up column – he’s such a great co-worker.”This is the place for such kudos to be distributed! Sounds like both Mark and the little old lady – was it us? – deserve little halos of holiday spirit coming their way! Consider them sent and yourself angelized!Melinda adds to us: “Peace to you and keep up the good work!”We try, we try. In all our humbleness, we try!***We have here a question posed to us by Stuart “Boot” Gordon of Silverthorne who is mightily dismayed at the Christmas decorations in Silverthorne.As an art teacher, he’d grade the town’s Christmas decorations a D-. Why? Because the rockets on the town hall seem more appropriate for July.”And isn’t it time the town takes down its scary halloween tree stumps?”Darn good question, Boot! We’ll take it up with our field agents.In fact, we’ll hold a holiday contest. Let us know your opinion on any of our fine municipal decorations; we’ll see who comes out on top.***Valerie in Atlanta writes to say she’ll be back in Breck in 13 days!She also reports that a massive cold front is coming in Sunday night in “Hot-Lanta” – temps into the TEENS! Can you believe it?!She also suggests that all the field agents yearning to live in Breck should pool their money and buy a house together! Hey, there’s something we’ve yet to explore!***We out, counting little white kitty whiskers. Let us know what you think of the holiday decor around town and give us a jingle (get it jingle? Santa?) at (970) 668-3998, ext. 228, or drop us an e-mail at

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