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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column trying to avoid at all costs the issuance of a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! this early in the brand new, spanking year – heh, heh! Spanking Year! But we’re going to have to because someone is irate and when someone is irate, we’ve gotta let them tell the world.So.Andrew and Joan Pollock of a town near you write to complain about the high prices of gasoline in Summit County. Well, we’ve known about this all along, and often are forced to write highly informative stories about why the gas prices are so high. We usually write these in the summer, when gas prices fluctuate like a yo-yo.And it must still be an issue in the winter, because, despite the complaints – and remember, here, we’re just the messenger – over the holidays, our internet site reported that several hundred readers checked out our At the Pump article published in the real part of the newspaper every Friday.Anywho, we publicize the following:”Dear Sirs (Wow! No one’s ever called us Sirs before! We must be gaining some respect! And that must stop immediately!)As a reader of Summit Up daily, I thought the discrepancy in the price of gas as compared to ‘off the beaten path’ Bailey, Colo., may qualify as a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! This past Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2004, I purchased gas at $1.69 a gallon.It seems to me that it has to be much easier and cheaper to deliver bulk gas to stations situated on an interstate highway than to a station on Highway 285. This price compares to the lower price published in today’s SDN which is Tesoro at $1.91 a gallon. That’s 22 cents per gallon more!I’m sure your readers would be impressed if you were to publish this fact somewhere in your paper.”Well! We’re not sure how impressed our readers will be; we write about this stuff all the time. But there you have it!And we’d like to note that every time we publish the gas prices, we get phone calls from the owner of the Conoco in Dillon that his diesel gas has a higher price tag because it is a premium blend, which we never knew existed in the world of diesel.***We here at the Inside Out Dishwasher are still recovering from all the things that a good New Year’s Eve party can bring.Unfortunately, one of those things is not a hangover, which we could normally deal with because they don’t (usually) linger on for days and days.No, we have people here with scratchy throats, itchy eyes, the sniffles and sneezes.We have people here who haven’t been able to hold down those New Year’s Eve hors d’oevres since Dec. 4.We even have people who have the audacity, at this busy time of year, to call in SICK! What do they think this is?! An airline?!You out there in reader-land will have to supply us instead with your stories of what you did on New Year’s Eve so we can live vicariously through you.***We had an interesting notable submitted by a Rich Rapp of Copper Mountain over the weekend. He noted that one of our stories indicated that Summit County was to be hit with a “dump” of 2 inches of snow over the weekend.First of all, it didn’t happen, as one might expect. These things never seem to come true. But more to the point, he suggested that 2 inches didn’t qualify as a “dump,” that 14 inches might be more like it.Anywhere else in the world we would agree with Mr. Rapp. But this is Summit County, which hasn’t seen 14 inches of snow since the Eisenhower administration or 1995, whichever came first.It’s all relative, you see. This would mean that in Mammoth, Calif., which regularly sees a foot of snow just because the powers that be will it to be, 14 inches would count as a trace, and 12 feet as a dump.So, while we agree with you on the surface of those 2 inches, Rich, we’re having a little problem reveling in our 2-inch, non-existent “dump” with you criticizing the snow!***Finally, some good news – Congrats! are in order. The folks at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley tell us that Suzanne Teke and Jaime Donahue, both of Silverthorne, earned degrees at fall commencement. Suzanne received her bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies, and Jaime got a master’s in psychology.Good work.***We out, looking for cheaper gas.Send us your reasons why 2005 is going to be a FAR better year than 2004. Call ’em in to (970) 668-3998, ext. 228. We’ll list them in a forthcoming column …

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