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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that won’t have to choose between hitting the mountain or talking to Miss Cleo on the phone anymore. We’ll be able to do both at the same time.We’ll be blunt. Today’s column is a backhanded swipe at those who feel it necessary to talk on their cell phones while skiing.We bring this up because of some exciting news: If you’re one of those people who enjoys rocking out with your MP3 player while rocking the terrain park, you’ll appreciate what we have to say today.C|Net’s website tells us that there’s an exciting new team-up in the sports apparel world. Motorola and Burton are joining forces to create a line of outerwear for the electronic gear lover. The jackets will have padded casings for your phone and MP3 player, digital controls in the sleeve so that you can switch between blasting Yanni and taking or making phone calls, as well as speakers embedded in the hood. The article says the jackets will use Bluetooth technology to get all the gadgets communicating properly, and the price tag on these babies will start around $200 and hit the ceiling at around $800.

Personally, we can’t wait to see this. As it is right now, when people are wearing headphones, at least we can tell. That way, as we go to start a conversation with someone on the lift, we know beforehand we’ll need to shout to be heard over the music. Once all that wiring is tucked inside the jacket, we’ll look like even bigger fools as we’re shouting at the kid sitting next to us, wondering why he’s being so anti-social.Hopefully, the way this all works people will be talking into their wrists when making calls. To us, nothing says “I’m hopelessly enmeshed in the urban consumer lifestyle” like standing on the slopes jaw-jacking into your cell phone. We’ll be able to forgive those who do this a little easier if they’re doing it Dick Tracy-Star Trek style in an $800 electronic ski jacket.Oh, and if you were wondering when we think it’s appropriate to talk on your cell phone while on the mountain: When you’re standing at the top for first tracks, calling to rub it in to your friends who couldn’t drag themselves out of bed.***

Congrats! go out to Coast Guard Seaman Joshua T. Vanskike, son of Constance and Warren, in Breck. Josh just graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Recruit Training Center in Cape May, N.J. ***Yesterday, we included a note from Sherri in Wichita, asking that we please forward some of our snow further east. Of course, we respectfully declined, but that didn’t stop Sherri’s plaintive request from spurring more:”If you’re going to shell out some snow to Kansas, please be sure to send some to Minneapolis,” writes Holly. “We have no snow, but we do have a nice crusty ice/snow layer that deposited itself in the form of ‘sn-ain’ last weekend on all of the sidewalks and roads. If you are out for a walk or run in our area, better stick to the brown grass.”

Sorry, Holly. We hate to be selfish about this, but the citizens of Summit Up Land demand it. We’ll save a few white patches for you on your next visit.***Welcome to Saturday. The menu for today is salisbury steak, green beans and tater tots. Please register for the vegetarian option at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just tell us your mom packed yours on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out trying to sew our Playstation into our ski pants …

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