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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column reveling in injuries.We’ve heard from our good friend Valerie in Atlanta who is on Day 4 of recovering from knee surgery. Her story is as follows:”Insanity is creeping in (of course, my family would say that I became certifiable years ago). I’ve been stuck in the house while it’s 60 degrees and sunny here in Atlanta. I spent the entire presurgery, ice-storm weekend watching 14 of the 15 hours of X Games coverage. They should’ve checked my schedule first. Although all of the twitching and clinching I did watching the X’ers probably would not have made my softball-sized knee feel very good. “Thanks for the Mountain Cam links at Those pictures are my inspiration to do these &*!@ painful rehab exercises.”Oh, can we relate, Valerie!We here in the Inside Out Dishwasher have had our collective share of injuries this year. Let’s see … a broken arm, two broken legs, a cracked back, a couple of Carpool Tunnel Syndromes (If you recall, that’s what Princess Di died of) and a tweaked knee.But we haven’t let that keep us off the slopes!We are, however, pleased to report that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has announced in its Colorado Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries that the number of work-related deaths in Colorado decreased from 123 in 2002 to 102 in 2003. The state’s three leading causes of work-related deaths were transportation fatalities, assaults and violent acts in the workplace and falls.Fatal injuries are also most likely to occur on a Wednesday between 4 and 6 p.m.***Have you noticed recently that America is starting to get a little more socially conservative every day? Well, we have. And we’ve got a theory as to why – and it has nothing to do with W’s family values agenda.Women with a college education are more likely to be liberal, and they’re more likely to hold down a job somewhere. They have an average of 1.4 kids (OK, so we’re making up the numbers. It’s a theory.) Those kids will tend to be more liberal, as well.Women who tend to stay home and home-school their children tend to have more children, and (ALERT! OVERGENERALIZATION AHEAD!) also tend to be more conservative. So, the general population is becoming more conservative as more conservative babies are born relative to liberal babies!OK, bring on the hate mail! We can handle it!***We know Valentine’s Day is, like, a week away and so do the Verlo people in Frisco as can be seen in a photo somewhere on this page. Ha! They’re a hoot!***To keep your mind in the muddle that is life, we have an interesting stat from Northwestern Mutual that says 70 percent of kids surveyed feel they should have WHATEVER they want WHENEVER they want.We’re sorry. Does this surprise anyone out there in ReaderLand? We took a survey here in the Inside Out Dishwasher, and this tidbit of news doesn’t surprise us one iota.Look at the kids we have out in Summit Up Land! They drive around in cars the likes of which we scribes will never own. They have mountain bikes the likes of which we will never own. They – OK. You get the idea.And they demand even more!It reminds us of a story: Staffer No. 390L has a child. When said child turned 12, he or she said, “I can’t wait for four more years.” Staffer No. 390L said, “Why? So, you can get your driver’s license?” And child said, “Yeah, and you buy me a car.”Understandably, Staffer 390L just about fell out of his or her chair laughing. And the child was appalled!See? See? Give them life and they want the world.Harumph.We’re out, trying to avoid Wednesday. If you’ve got any news to share, e us at, call at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237 or fax at (970) 668-0755.

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