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Special to the DailySpecial to the Daily We have a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! wish going out to Bailee Campbell from her family. "We love you," they say! Bailee turns 12 years old today. One more year and you're a teen, eh? Four more and you can hit the road with your spanking-new driver's license. Six and you can vote! Ain't life grand?!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column urging people to get out and urge their political representatives to close the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.We know, we know. It’s our favorite bridge in the whole wide world, too.But it’s deadly!And the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is set to do something about it!

As anyone who’s not an American knows, the Second Amendment addresses the right to arm bears. Armed bears make for a safe society, you know.Anyway, the SAF is calling upon the city’s board of supervisors to “take an important step for public safety” and close the bridge, which has been a popular suicide platform for more than 65 years.”Several city supervisors want to ban handguns in San Francisco on the mere presumption that such a law would prevent crimes, accidents and suicides,” said SAF founder Alan M. Gottlieb. “Well, it is an absolute certainty that closing the bridge would prevent suicides, and perhaps many accidents, as well.”And just for the sake of argument, one seriously might question whether any of the more than 1,300 fatal falls from the bridge since 1937 were cleverly-concealed homicides.”Yes. You see, people don’t kill bridges, bridges kill people.

In the 1970s, the bridge killed 500 people. By the 1990s, the body count exceeded 1,000.”The Golden Gate Bridge is a proven killer, and media fascination with jumpers is sickening,” Gottlieb said. “It has inspired hundreds of people to end their lives. Anyone can simply walk out there and jump, or be pushed. There are no barriers, no waiting in line, and there is nobody assigned to the bridge who can check the mental and emotional history of bridge visitors.”It’s far easier to walk out on the bridge and jump to your death than it is to purchase a firearm in California. At least when a person buys a gun, he or she must complete a background check and endure a waiting period. But nobody screens possible Golden Gate jumpers. Unlike a gun, you can’t even use the bridge to defend yourself against a criminal. If it saves just one life, closing the Golden Gate Bridge is the right thing to do.”This could be precedent-setting, as they say in the Breckenridge Town Council regarding almost every decision it makes.Why, we might have to close Interstate 70 because a lot of people have been killed along that stretch of road.

We might have to close the ski slopes. Or Swan Mountain Road. Columbine High School. Hot tubs. Hot tubs have been known to take a few lives.The Golden Gate Bridge. It takes all kinds.***We out, looking over the edge of the Dillon Dam …If you’ve got an idea about what should be shut down, closed off or otherwise, give us a call at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237, fax at (970) 668-0755 or e at

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