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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that figures, in the modern context, there were a lot of terrorists in the Old West.And, if you read this here paper, it appears there’s still some afoot. And, boy, is that encouraging.See, one of the things that ticks us off about the urbanization of this place is how everyone seems to be more and more mollified. (And if you have to run for a dictionary on that last word, let us provide a synonym and save you the work: wimps.) People just can’t seem to get by without a fast-food drive-thru nearby, a gargantuan discount store to buy their socks at or a bazillion cable channels to watch on their TV, and god forbid their street doesn’t get plowed by 7 a.m. after a night of snow.Makes you wonder how people lived here 100 years ago, huh?But, fortunately, we see that that moxie is still around. To wit: Now that some Peak 7 property owners are ready to build their house and, more to the point, are asking for a land use variance so they can build a barn and have a couple horses on the property, you’d think they were trying to build a combination-daycare-strip club, from the reactions of some neighbors. They’re threatening county employees, and somebody went so far as to leave a disconcerting note about the horses on the folks’ property – along with a bottle of antifreeze.Whew! What a relief! See, we thought everyone around here had just lazed into pushover-dom. Now we see that there are still some people who, despite the law of property rights and the due process of bureaucracy, know better than their neighbors what’s good for everybody. And they’re not about to sit down and be quiet.That’s how the West was won after all: Move in, close the door behind you and intimidate your neighbors into living the way you do. (For more information on this, visit your nearest Ute reservation.)If we’re lucky, we’ve offended these same people and we’ll get a little taste of the action!***If we’re all looking for love in all the wrong places, “Where do we find love in all the right places?” asks Michael, a new resident to Summit Up Land and recently converted fan of this here column.We mentioned the oft-paraphrased song lyric leading up to Valentine’s Day, and Michael, astute reader that he no doubt is, asked the very fair question: Where exactly are those “right” places?We’d offer some of our favorite suggestions (the scratched and scrawled phone numbers inside the stalls of bar bathrooms, those monthly sexaholics anonymous meetings, any Indigo Girls or Queen tribute concert, etc.), but given our luck lately, you’re better off not listening to us.For this, we must turn to our readers, who must know the answers to this much better than us. So, dear readers, you tell us – and Michael – just where are the right places around here to look for love? We’ll take your suggestions at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just leave the 900 number for us on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.***It’s Wednesday, and the recommended spice of the day is cumin. Add it to whatever you’re eating, or face being ostracized by your peers.We’re out completing our ninja training, dodging snowflakes …

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