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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that loves nothing better than to start the day with a wet seat of the pants, hands frozen to the steering wheel as we drive to work, with ice shavings blowing up our noses.Ah, it’s always an adventure when we start the day. Fortunately, we actually started this one early. Let us explain:Nary a Summit Up Land citizen is ignorant to the joy of waking up on a winter morning and having to scrape the ice off every glass surface on the car. We know the drill so well – start the car, turn the defrost to full blast, grab the scraper and get to work on that spot in front of the steering wheel – we could probably do it in our sleep. In fact, many of you out there do just that, as evidenced by the fact that we see plenty of you cruising to work with your nose pressed to the windshield, peeking out of the grapefruit-sized spot of clear visibility. If you were fully awake, you might have taken the time to fully clear the windshield of ice.Well, that’s what we started to do Thursday morning. We arose bright and early, eager to get to the mountain, and looking out the window at the Summit Up Mobile, knew we better get the heat cranked if we were going to be able to see our way to first chair at the Basin.So, we get outside (trying to shrug off that freaky feeling of our nose hairs freezing) and start scraping. But after about five strokes of our plastic scraper, something was amiss.”Huh, that’s weird,” we stood there thinking (and this had nothing to do with us having no pants on – we didn’t realize that for another few minutes when some other hairs started freezing). “It almost looks as though this windshield is solid ice.”After a few moments of shouting at the neighbors’ houses about how funny and clever they all were for having the mobile glass repair guy come and secretly replace our glass windshield with an ice one while we slept, we decided to double-check the inside of the car. It only took one swipe of the scraper to realize that the entire interior of our car was coated in ice, in addition to the outside.Apparently, we got really sweaty riding Wednesday’s powder, and having left our gloves, helmet (we have to protect this precious brain, you know) and other sundry items in the car overnight, we learned the second lesson Summit Up Land citizens should learn about winter car care: If you leave wet stuff in your car overnight, don’t be surprised if you have to do twice the ice scraping when you wake up.No problem, though. Scrape away we did, and we still made it to the hill in fashionable time. Oh, and thanks to that parking lot attendant who just happened to have a cup of hot tea handy – metal isn’t the only thing your tongue will stick to when cold, kids, and that includes leather steering wheels coated in ice shavings.***Congrats! to Kimberly Bowman. She made the fall dean’s list at Tufts University.***Here’s to hoping this Friday is as fine as the day before it. If you don’t feel like you got all your whooping and hollering over what a glorious day it was out of your system, give us a shout about it at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just tell us in haiku form on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out seeing if Wal-ly World sells an electric blanket that plugs into cigarette lighters …

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