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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s glad everyone doesn’t have a mini-me. Could you imagine waking up in a world where every water fountain was knee-high and there were tiny little people walking down Main Street in leisure suits? You’d feel like you were in pre-school again, but all the little people would already know how to tie their shoes. And, when someone’s mini-me got out of hand, there’d be an excess of people walking around with squirming burlap bags.

Here in Summit Up Land, we actually have a collective mini-me, but some of us around here refer to it as our collective liver. Its recent misbehavior has not only prompted us to throw it into a burlap bag and swing it around the room, but also to beat the living hell out of it with the help of some genuine Pittsburgh wrought iron partiers. Good times, good times.


In response to a Scum Alert!! issued late last week, a resident from Wildernest’s Snowscape called to clarify a few things. The original caller thought watering a piece of dirt during the day wasn’t too smart, but the resident said, don’t be alarmed, the area is under revegetation and the property managers there are following an appropriate watering schedule. To comments about watering in the rain, she reminded all in Summit Up Land that, even when it looks like rain, it probably won’t. Wildernest isn’t under water restrictions, and think fire prevention, she said.

“I love this place, and I think it’s one of the best run in Summit County,” she said. “And if they’re that unhappy, a simple phone call might have cleared everything up.”

Fair enough.


This Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! is even worse than taking candy from babies (which really should be done, now that we think about it). Lori from AB Ski and Sport in Frisco called to report that kids on bikes are stealing discs from disc golfers at the peninsula course. They wait for the drive, she said, and snag the disc before the player gets there. What’s more, the victims who’ve come to her store with the sad tale include an employee and out-of-town visitors competing in this weekend’s tournament for the deaf.

“That’s not good for visitors, especially handicapped ones,” she said.

The disc golf course is not the only recreational area of Summit County where various forms of scum are afoot. We hereby issue a self-serving Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! to the person or people who steal softball gloves from Kingdom Park in Breckenridge. We happen to know that our tan Rawlings mitt, (which, albeit, did not have a name in it) that never turned up in the Lost and Found after we accidentally left it at the park about a month ago, is not the only one to be lifted from the area. We also happen to know we’re not the only ones who have experienced such a loss. We’ve encountered many sentimental players who were stripped of their prized Little League gloves after accidentally leaving them on the bench following a game.

So, thieves, lose the “finders, keepers” mind-set and please return any found gloves to the designated Lost and Found areas.

The Karma gods thank you in advance.

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