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Summit Up 9-01-09


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s trying to be funny while also feeling a bit hungry this Monday morning.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: “Wait a minute. It’s Tuesday. What’s up, don’t you even know what day of the week it is?”

SUMMIT UP: Well, for you it may be Tuesday, but for us it’s Monday, and we skipped breakfast, opting for an oh-so-delicious bottle of fruit-energy drink, which was tasty but no-so-filling. Furthermore, this is the fastest you’ve ever been in our face, right after our opening sentence.

MSUR: “Yep, we’re watch-doggin’ you, Summit Up! We rely on you to tell us what day of the week it is, and if you get it wrong, we get it wrong.”

SU: OK, so it’s Tuesday, but since we at SU Corporate Suites sometimes post things online the same day they are written, technically, it could still be Monday for some people reading this. We’re just saying … and by the way, our new motto at Summit Up is “Faster than the Speed of Light.” Just check it out at

MSUR: “That’s speedy alright, plus, when you factor in the International Dateline and the Coriolis Effect, you just never know for sure exactly what day it is. All we wanna be sure about is when is tater tot day down at the diner. We don’t want to miss that.”

SU: We can relate. And we’re psyched that faithful readers Ken and Mary Deshaies,

of SnowHome Properties, took the time to respond to our hidden ptarmigan contest. They’re great at following instructions, having circled the birds in ink or

dark pencil, then scanned and e-mailed the results to us here at

We’re thinking they might have nailed it, but we’ll let you decide: Rocks or birds? Just find the lovely alpine tundra photo somewhere on this page and check it out.

Meanwhile, if you have any other hidden object photos, send ’em along and we’ll have another edition of our SU quiz. For that matter, send us other random photos, like your favorite gas station cup of coffee, and we’ll figure out something creative to do with them.

We out.

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