Summit Up 9-1-10: Home of the clueless fashionistas |

Summit Up 9-1-10: Home of the clueless fashionistas

by Summit Up

Special to the DailyWhat is the meaning of this outrageous fashion statement? See below ...

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s been thinking a lot lately about fashion. Well, when we say “thinking a lot lately,” we mean in the past 47 seconds, but those 47 seconds are, relatively speaking, a lot more time than we usually give to fashion. For us, fashion means finding a shirt that doesn’t look too wrinkled and a pair of shorts or jeans that don’t look like they’re ready to be used for our next oil change rag. And, the older we get, the more we realize that stuff we used to worry about when we were younger – like expensive sunglasses or the latest Marmot shell – aren’t all that important when we weigh it all against the cosmic relevance of space time and the manifestation of the self in conjunction with the qi of zen-like stuff. Or whatever. Where were we? Oh, right, fashion. We received a cool-sounding e-mail from Andy Shearer who writes thusly:”A Breckenridge native is making her fashion debut during Fashion Week in New York in early September – well, kinda. Julie Tierney is a senior fashion student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She used to bartend at The Dredge and wait tables at the Log Cabin. For the past few months, she’s been working on turning candy into couture. She’s been working with Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC on a project called ‘Candy Couture,’ where six students from SCAD have turned candy into high-fashion, the results of which will be displayed in the windows at Dylan’s Candy Bar on Third Avenue in Manhattan beginning September 10. Julie has created a dress called ‘Jolly Ranchero’ (I attach a sketch here). It feature gumballs, bubble pops, sour belts, and poofy pops!”Excellent! Anything with something called “poofy pops” and “sour belts” is cool with us! And although we must confess we don’t necessarily “get” Julie’s creation, we have already acknowledged our complete lack of anything that might be considered “fashion sense,” so don’t mind us. We’re just gonna sit here in the corner and say that phrase over and over: poofy pops … poofy pops … poofy pops.Somehow, that’s quite relaxing – like watching tropical fish on quaaludes whilst reposing in a giant vat of warm Jell-O.***This just in: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! new book of unusual, unbelievable and amazing stories from around the world is now out. The book is called Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Enter If You Dare!Colorado stories in the book include: * A large metal pin broke off and lodged itself in the brain of 19-year-old Chris Clear from Penrose, Colo., while he was helping a friend move a rototiller. Luckily, the pin narrowly missed several major arteries and, after a nine-hour operation to remove it, Clear was able to return to work as a firefighter. There is not even a scar to remind him of the accident, but he kept the pin as a souvenir. *In 2009, the American Red Cross presented an award to Willie the parrot for saving the life of 2-year-old Hannah Kuusk at her home in Denver. When Hannah started choking on some food, the normally quiet Willie alerted his owner by flapping his wings and repeatedly squawking, “Momma, Baby!” * A judge banned a small Pomeranian dog from the resort of Aspen in 2009 for repeatedly biting. Municipal judge Brooke Peterson told the dog’s owner that if the animal was seen again in Aspen, it would have to be put down. Gizmo the dog had previously been sent to an animal shelter for ten days in a bid to curb its aggressive behavior.There it is. We out.