Summit Up 9-1-12: Checking out the Bikeiffel Tower |

Summit Up 9-1-12: Checking out the Bikeiffel Tower

Summit Up
Special to the DailyKenyon Smith hangs out by the Bikeiffel Tower in Breckenridge.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that doesn’t know how to spell Bikeful Tower, we mean Bikeiffel Tower, we mean Bikefell Tower, we mean that sculpture made of bicycle parts that was down on the Riverwalk lawn but moved to the Arts District Friday but will move to someplace else after that.

We Summit Uppers have not made it to Paris as a news team for a group photograph just yet, but we might take a cue from young Kenyon Smith (is he not the cutest babe you’ve ever seen?) to get one at its best-ever substitute, that new repurposed bike parts sculpture that’s green but really silver and black – and quite nicely proportioned, if we do say so ourselves, though we have still only seen it in pictures. It pretty much seems perfect for a place that loves biking, and recycling, so much.

We in the news office have great hopes of one day taking a road trip to Breckenridge to get our own pseudo-Eiffel Tower pic, in lieu of traveling across the ocean together (which could be an interesting endeavor, on account of how different we all are). Still, it could be hard to get to Brecktown as a team, after all we’re all soooooo busy and Breck is far, far away from Frisco.

Can we use the news van for a field trip, we wonder? We will have to ask. We’re new here.

Tiny Kenyon is a multi-talented toddler. We have seen him on a skateboard and he’s just one-and-a-half year’s old. He smiles all the time and likes to toddle around and check things out, things like the Bikewonderful Tower recently by the river in Breck, where there’s other fun stuff to do like climb on the funny playground equipment and dress up in costumes upstairs in the welcome center.

Speaking of welcome, a big warm happy welcome goes out to shoulder season from us in the newsroom! Cool temps and quiet towns mean down time to wander and wonder, we thinks.

One strong contingent of us is fully convinced that mushroom hunting is the best hobby ever, though there’s another part of us that couldn’t give a gosh-darn. We’ll convince our whole-selves one of these days that foraging (not “rummaging”) through forests finding fungi is what fun guys do. And gals, of course. On that note, may the course of your weekend be wonderful no matter which way you wander.

Summit up and out.

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