Summit Up 9-12-09 |

Summit Up 9-12-09

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s tired of e-mail crap. If you’ve got a zillion-bazillion bucks to give away in your scam, you should pick another country other than Nigeria. C’mon Nigerian kings, everyone’s onto you! Also, all you “phishing” scammers out there looking to have us get a check from your for a bazillion-gazillion bucks so that we’ll send you back the change, why don’t you try something more traditional – like a good old-fashioned Ponzi scheme or something. We’re tired of you clogging up your e-mail box!Furthermore, for all you whacko political wingnuts out there of whatever fringe-y stripe, please take the summitup@summitdaily e-mail off your spam list. We will never in a million-bazillion years run your kooky treatise about how the president is from Planet Xenon or the 50,000 word dissertation about how swine flu is really a giant plot to trim the global population by a few billion.We know you can just hit “delete,” but seriously folks, it’s getting to where we’ve got a blister on our right pinkie keeping up with this stuff!***In happier news, Jerry & Boo Bouchard are kickin’ it today at the Elks Lodge in Silverthorne to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Sez here “Please join us for condolences and blessings. Boo’s famous Pig will be served – just come and party!” This event is set for noon to 6 p.m. – and possibly beyond. If you know Jerry and Boo and want to pop by and wish them well, by all means do! Sounds like a good time.***Fire dept. guy Steve Lipsher just sent us a link to a story in Forbes Magazine about local entrepreneur Mark Mathis, who has the Confluence Energy wood-pellet place up in Kremmling. It’s cool that Mark got featured in a national magazine about how to turn beetle-killed trees into something useful, but Steve also found it interesting that, according to the article, Mark made a trip to Home Depot in Summit County in 2007.(cue eerie music)As Steve notes, since we seem already to have a Home Depot, why is it they want to build another?Actually, we believe Mark was using some kind of time machine or alternate-universe transmogrophier to go to that Summit County Home Depot in 2007. The need for a Home Depot – real or perceived – still exists in Summit County Version 1.0 in 2009. ***Well folks, here it is Saturday already. We’ll be out at the crazy Beetle Fest thing in Frisco today, jumping around to Keystone for their fest, up in Breck for whatever fest they have going on, in Dillon for their whatever stuff and over in Silverthorne to buy some virtual doorknobs at the alternate universe Home Depot. Wish us luck!

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