Summit Up 9-12-12: Pimping books and liking it |

Summit Up 9-12-12: Pimping books and liking it

Summit Up

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only column that doesn’t know if you like us or not. We have heard mixed reviews about ourselves, filling us both with elation and discomfort, but we, a collective human column venturing boldly forth into an uncertain future, remain steadfast in our mission to pay homage to our founding fathers from a far-gone era by publishing ourselves every day. We have put ourselves out there without skipping a “beat” since Aug. 21, 1989. The late ’80s and early ’90s were the glory days, we hear. Back when alcohol was allowed in the newsroom. When heavyweight greats like M. John Fayhee, Curtis Robinson, Randy Wyrick and Mike Kirschbaum spewed forth the best stream of Summit Up that history has ever before seen, our former editor tells us. (We profess to not know very much, because we are still new here, but in Alex Miller in absentia we trust.) Speaking of this fabulous daily column that we all love so much, except of course for those of us who think it’s stupider than stupid, we have heard that former Summit Upper M. John himself will be making the rounds in the county in short order, pimping himself out on account of two books he is publishing.One is a compilation of “Smoke Signals” from that rebellious monthly rag, the Mountain Gazette. Smoke Signals is a column that reminds us of ourselves as a column, if only in “the looseness of style and unwillingness to obey convention,” as M. John puts it. We love that column very much, and now there is going to be a book of ’em. Inhale on that.The other is an unusual-facts-about-Colorado book, and we in the newsroom cannot think of anyone more unusual than M. John Fayhee to write such a book. If only we had more time to read.