Summit Up 9-13-11: Where horse poop offends our delicate sensibilities |

Summit Up 9-13-11: Where horse poop offends our delicate sensibilities

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that sometimes wonders about horseback riders. Sure, horses are part of the West and are very cool animals and all that, but … dang they make a mess out on the trail! We happened to take a hike up to Surprise Lake over by Heeney on Sunday and it’s like this elaborate poop-avoidance tap dance you’ve gotta do the whole way up when horses have been through. Meanwhile, we vilify dog owners for leaving their animals’ droppings on the trail. How come horseback riders don’t have to pick up after their critters? Or maybe they could hang those butt bags off the back to catch the poop as it comes out like those carriage horses in town do.

Just a thought.


Speaking of hiking, here’s a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! from the Perlow Family, who write thusly:

“On September 11, our family went out for a quick family hike to spend some quality time together. We went to one of our favorite ‘close’ destinations at a picnic table overlooking Cucumber Gulch on Peak 7. Upon our arrival, we noticed a newly formed fire ring with ashes and embers still smoldering. The ring was also surrounded by very flammable brush, gusts of wind came and went, and no one else was seen nearby. Due to the fact that the four of us were on a ‘short’ hike, we had no water with us. My two sons and myself proceeded to douse the embers with urine, though it was not enough to extinguish the heat. We then covered the entire ring with smaller rocks and stones in an effort to keep the wind from spreading potential ashes and sparks. However, the heat still emanated from the ring. The four of us then hiked home, each filling his or her CamelBak reservoirs (a total of 10 liters), and returned to the ring to put the “fire” DEAD out.

To whomever left this scene for us to stumble upon, I wonder if you ever once considered the potential disastrous possibilities of your actions? That land is surrounded by beetle kill, a natural habitat, peoples’ homes, and the ski area. You left dry and flammable brush within one foot of the ring on a windy day. I urge you to drive through a burn area such as the land devastated by the Hayman Fire – it is sobering to say the least. I truly hope that you are able to read this and learn from your mistake, so it is never again repeated in any natural setting! The beauty of this land we live on and within should not be taken for granted.”

Wow, that’s truly lame! And hard to believe anyone could be that dumb and oblivious. On the other hand, we’ll go ahead and issue a big Angel Alert! to the men (we assume) of the Perlow Family for their efforts in putting this out. Nice work!

We out, peeing on any other problems we see …

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