Summit Up 9-13-12: Where we contemplate how much innovation is enough |

Summit Up 9-13-12: Where we contemplate how much innovation is enough

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s NOT buying a new iPhone.

Wednesday, Apple unveiled its thinner, lighter iPhone 5 and we’ve got to say we can’t even pretend to care. The phone though features a bigger screen than it’s predecessor, the iPhone 4s. We’d like to ask Siri a question:

SUMMIT UP: Siri, at what point does a phone become too thin, too fast, too light and too awesome?

Siri: (Politely answers) Well at Apple we strive to continue to push the envelope of beautiful innovation.

SU: Okay… so how much less is this phone going to cost this time?

Siri: $199-$399 with a new contract, $599 without.

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SU: Gasp! Are there any people left in the world with a contract!?

Siri: Our target market keeps shrinking every day, but we’re determined to get everyone in the world on an iPhone bahahahah! (evil laughter).

And now a belated congratulations to Megan McClearly and Tommy Owens of Colorado Springs, right, who tied the knot Aug. 11 at Lake Powell Resort in Page, Ariz. Megan is a 2004 graduate of Summit High School – Awwww man! They grow up so fast. We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Switching gears, we recently got word of a Random Act of Kindness by American Family Insurance from Sherry Wofford who writes thusly:

“Upon getting word of a stressful family situation involving young children, Leslie, Laurie, Ryan and gang immediately gathered various and assorted supplies and gift cards for essentials to give to the family … approximately $700 (or more) in value!

This awesome random act of kindness was greatly appreciated! Thank you, American Family Insurance!”

Oh gee, it’s that type of caring attitude that will refresh faith in humanity. We Out.