Summit Up 9-15-10: Baffled by a strange logo |

Summit Up 9-15-10: Baffled by a strange logo

by Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that spent a good part of the day Tuesday pondering the meaning behind the National Velvet Dry Cleaners logo. We happened to be driving over Swan Mountain Road, and as often happens when one drives over Swan Mountain Road, we were stuck in a convoy of vehicles led by some kind of truck going .02 mph the whole way. Of course, we had our music to listen to, but our eyes were tired of looking at all the dead, sad trees along the way, so we focused on a van in front of us from, you guess it, National Velvet Dry Cleaners.

As you can see on this page from the logo we pulled off their website, National Velvet has a somewhat curious logo, and we’ve squinted at it, looked at it many different ways, had a team of psychologists who are expert in Rorschach tests look at it … and we just can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be. We can say it sorta-maybe-kinda looks like a coat hanger in its general shape – until you get to the part at the top, and that doesn’t look anything like a coat hanger. It looks like it could be …

• A giant nose

• A rearing sea monster

• A swan that got caught in a boat propeller

• The tar-pit monster from that one Star Trek episode

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• A Rorschach test ink-blot thingy

• A duck that’s been vacuumed up by a malevolent jellyfish

Companies, of course, typically spend a lot of time and thought on their logo, so we can only assume National Velvet’s means something. And, if you think that a logo should, at very least, draw attention to itself and the product, then we can say National Velvet’s definitely does that. Whenever we go there to get our tuxedo or one-piece polypropylene zip-up pantsuit pressed or see one of their vans, we’re always spending a lot of time thinking about National Velvet and their logo.

National Velvet, BTW, isn’t all that national, since from what we can tell from their website they have outlets in Eagle and Summit counties. That’s good for us, since we like using local companies – especially ones that use more environmentally safe stuff to clean their clothes like National Velvet. Inscrutable logo aside, they’re the cleaners for us!

If anyone can explain the National Velvet logo to us – including anyone from the company itself who really knows the amazing, true story behind this iconic logo, please do so at


Whew! That’s been bugging us for a while, so we’re glad we had a chance to waste your time on that for a bit. What else is going on?

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: It’s been really nice outside. We can’t get enough of this weather.

SU: That’s so true. But like that Olathe sweet corn in the stores now, sometimes the best things in life are so fleeting – you hardly get to enjoy them before they’ve been replaced by icky sleetstorms and canned corn. But that’s life.

We out.