Summit Up 9-15-12: A shout-out to those who stepped up in a time of need |

Summit Up 9-15-12: A shout-out to those who stepped up in a time of need

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Welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that loves, loves, loves living in such a cold land that Oktoberfest happens in September. The aspen leaves are pretty and all, but we don’t mind snow in the forecast. It’s been so gosh-darn hot this summer! We don’t mind the prospect of snow one bit.

If you’re feeling either chilly or angry after that lecture, however, here’re a couple of heart-warming Angel Alerts!! Angel Alerts!! from Julie Chandler:

“As many people in the community know, Jim Chandler had a major stroke in July. Angel Alert!! First we are extremely grateful to Greg Abernathy and Herbert Tabak for helping get Jim into Craig Rehabilitation Hospital. Second Angel Alert!! – a group of wonderful folks, spearheaded by Rick “The Pup” Ascher, volunteered to come out to the Chandlers’ house to do much needed painting, staining and repairs. Free paint was donated from Sherman Williams in Frisco and Harley Allman Painting. Last but not least, many heartfelt thanks to the Evans family, the National Repertory Orchestra, St. Anthony Summit Medical Center and all the community members who have supported the Chandler family through this difficult journey. For more information about Jim please go to The Chandlers feel truly blessed to be living in such a caring, giving and compassionate community.”

Caring, compassionate – and snow loving, we’ll add. After all, that’s why we’re here, isn’t it? No wait, you’re mad again. Wishing for a wee bit more summer, are you? We’re sorry, really. We recommend the following course of action: Get your summer-loving behind over to Oktoberfest straight away and choke down a couple of high-alcohol-content brewskys. Can you think of a better place to drink away your fear of winter? We can’t.

We out.

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