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Summit Up 9-16-10

Special to the Daily Michelle Joy Prater of Jackson, Wyo. and Cale Martin VanVelkinburgh of Frisco were married recently in Belize. The couple will make their home in Bozeman, Mont. where Cale works at the high school. Congrats!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is eager to resume our query into the mystery of the National Velvet dry cleaning logo (seen below right). Yesterday, we were puzzling over this logo, wondering what the black shape was supposed to signify. More than anything, to us it looks like a big schnoz – or a coat hanger that had a run-in with a wave of tar. But we had some helpful readers weigh in, and here’s what they had to say:

Jessica Howe, Breckenridge: “I have an answer to your National Velvet question. It is a horse, and the perspective is one from what you would see if riding it (this is my guess, although my perspective could be a bit askew). According to Wikipedia (the pinnacle of accurate information 😉 ‘National Velvet is the story of a 14 year old girl, Velvet Brown, who rides her horse to victory in the Grand National steeplechase. The horse which Velvet trains and rides in the Grand National is named The Pie, because he is a piebald color (black and white).’

“Hope this helps. BTW, your column always makes me smile, thanks.”

We are, in fact, familiar with this old Elizabeth Taylor film, although we haven’t actually seen it. We don’t think this logo looks like a horse at all, and so far as we’re concerned, this only deepens the mystery, to wit: What the heck does a horse, or an old film about a girl and a horse winning a race, have to do with a dry-cleaning company in modern-day Colorado? But Jessica is not alone in her theory:

Frank Cammarata: “I think it’s a horse from book and movie of same name.”

Valerie Connelly: “I always thought it was a horse, like a race horse. Because there is a movie from 1944 about a girl, her horse and the great steeple chase!”

Bob McCormac, Keystone: “Well … duh! It’s a horse’s head. Obviously channeling the old Elizabeth Taylor movie “National Velvet” about a girl and her horse.”

Still not buying it. Is there, we wonder, a scene where Velvet Brown (Liz Taylor) is panicked because it’s race day and her jodhpurs are wrinkled and an amazingly helpful dry cleaning guy comes to her rescue? Like we said, we haven’t seen the movie, but we’d be amazed if the plot line contains anything like this. Or maybe the horse’s tail is all bushy and unkempt, again on race day, and the heroic dry-cleaner guy shows up with some special chemicals to straighten things out?

Mystery un-solved, so far as we’re concerned. We’re still waiting to hear from the National Velvet folks: Help us out here!


Random note: Does anyone out there have one of those Kindle devices or an iPad or any other kind of e-reader they read stuff on? We’re curious to know what folks think of these and if they miss the soft rustling of pages as they thumb through the pages of a novel or newspaper. As these things drop in price, we keep wondering if maybe, just maybe, we’ll give one at try, and no doubt there will be a lot of them under the tree come Christmastime.

Anyway, shoot us a note at We be curious.

Til tomorrow …

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