Summit Up 9-16-12: Cheers to Oktoberfest |

Summit Up 9-16-12: Cheers to Oktoberfest

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s educating the masses on why Oktoberfest is always held in September.

The reason: Weather. Apparently men in their lederhosens can’t brave the elements when the wind gets a tad bit chilly. Though the drinking holiday originated in October, festivities were moved up to September to mark the changing of seasons by washing down the hot weather with beer.

After a little more speculation though, we just think that professional drinkers just like getting a head start. Cheers!

Anyhoo, Oktoberfest continues today in Breckenridge and it’s likely that all the Front Rangers went yesterday so we’ll have a nice time with smaller lines (yes!).

Now we’ve created a celebratory poem for you … listen up, wise up and dance around in your silly costumes.

Beer, beer, beer, Oktoberfest is here!

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Such an awesome holiday, not the least bit queer!

Get your beer steins,

fill ’em up in the short lines

Pretend yer in Munich for a day

Gawk at the weird costumes and say …

“What a way to mark the fall! Drink it all!

Beer filled autumn, drink it down to the bottom!”

Oktoberfest in Breck

Drink too much ‘n you’ll be a wreck!

Pretzels, Paulaner, weisswurst

Eat and drink until you burst.


On another note, Wren Arbuthnot sent in this photo while on a “working” vacation at a hockey school in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. This picture shows him on a side trip taken to beautiful (but chilly!) Lake Louise.

So whether yer in oh, Canada, Munich or Breck – sitting inside or out on the deck … remember Oktoberfest and go out drinking with the rest!

We Out.