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Summit Up 9-19-10


Good morning, and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column encouraging hot tub use – and bat-attack prevention – in the High Country.

A long day working the shoulders, knees and toes – on the trail, slopes or river – can cause some real aches and pains.

The hot tub’s healing waters bring nourishment to the extremities and comfort to the soul.

We’ve found the spa to be beneficial in morning as well as night – and sometimes in the afternoon.

Get that blood pumping in the morning or shed that stress at day’s end.

But you may want to consider a sombrero or safari hat – maybe even a beekeeper’s helmet – if you value your blood.

People like to talk about how bats are amazing creatures that can get along with human just fine, albeit not in the same house.

A Googling reveals article after article on how North American bats are especially unlikely to attack humans.

But recent experience has weakened our faith in the stuff we read, especially on the Internet.

We dropped a fly in a nearby lake, hoping to catch a trout, when a winged rodent came a-flapping.

It hovered over the fly for a moment then followed the line straight for our face.

The bat flew inches from our brow before diverting its flight path westward.

This wasn’t even twilight. It was perhaps 4:30 p.m.

“Well that must be good luck,” we said to ourselves.

But the bat dipped toward our face once more, this time even more closely. Spooky.

This happened four times.

The final fly-by ignited the fight-or-flight fuel within. We dropped our pole and ran into the woods, screaming like a banshee.

Our fishing companion figured a hungry bear was coming after our fish and was preparing for battle.

He laughed when he learned the commotion was because of a bat encounter.

Present day we see the creatures circling our hot tub.

We keep the skimmer within arm’s reach – just in case.


But enough about flying demons; we’ve got a bona fide Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! from Louise Slater of Breckenridge.

Brace yourselves, folks. This one’s just awful:

“My husband and I live in Breckenridge several weeks a year and have always enjoyed the wonderful people here. However, today I was shocked by what happened to me.

“A month ago I took a terrible fall on a mountain climb and I’m still recovering. Due to spinal issues, my left leg is weakened.

“Climbing stairs, getting into cars and lifting my legs challenging. This morning (Sept. 16) at 9:30 a.m. as I was driving down Baldy Road, I saw a young man sitting on a rock beside the SDN box in front of The Gold Point Condos.

“I pulled over, rolled down the passenger window and asked if he would mind handing me a paper. ‘Yeah, right lady!’ he snorted condescendingly.

“I got out of the car, semi limping and with bandages still on my face, explained that I had fallen and hurt my leg. He sneered, ‘Sure lady.’ I told him I hated what I felt about his behavior.

“As he popped on the bus he commented, ‘How lazy are you lady!’

“What a cynical young man. A little common courtesy and compassion would have gone a long way. I’m still upset with the way he treated me,

but I’m sure not all the young people in Breckenridge are like this young man.

“I hope he reads this in the paper and feels some remorse!”


Well that’s just terrible. Life’s too short to disrespect people.

Perhaps karma will show this fella a little humility. We like to think most locals are good people, but there are some stinkers.


It’s Sunday; we’re sitting in 104- degree water, watching the skies.

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