Summit Up 9-2-10: In honor of the Humungus |

Summit Up 9-2-10: In honor of the Humungus

by Summit Up

Special to the DailyTough or nerdy - or a little bit of both? Participants at the Mad-Max-themed 'Wasteland Weekend.'

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has a suggestion for anyone feeling too peaceful and happy about attending the Burning Man thing going on in the desert this weekend. Howzabout a Mad Max festival complete with wicked-rad vehicles, dudes and chicks in lotsa leather and an overall post-apocalyptic attitude? Well then get thee to the Wasteland Weekend – a three-day post-apocalyptic party in the desert. Friday, October 22 to Sunday, October 24. “Join the hundreds of fans coming from all over the the United States (and beyond) to gather in the Southern California desert. Set up camp at our wasteland compound, surrounded by specially-built sets. Costumes are required and post-apocalyptic campsites and vehicles are encouraged. Live for three days in a world pulled straight out of the Mad Max movies, beyond the grip of so-called civilization.”Wow, sounds pretty … uh, well -not entirely our cup of tea in regard to, y’know, actually going to the thing, but it’s fun to think about, eh? Personally, we’d be afraid our day at the Wasteland Festival would look like this:Day 1, morning: Show up in our Hyundai Elantra with the lame, spray-painted skull on the door, get our ass kicked.Day 1, afternoon: Ask too many questions about whether “blower” on “Mad Max’s” car is real or just for show, get ass kicked.Day 1, evening: Stay in tent to avoid drunken loons but get ass kicked anyway.Day 2, afternoon: Stare too long at tattoo of Nazi zombie on bare butt cheek of biker-dude’s woman, get ass kicked.Day 2, late afternoon: Try to leave but accidentally back into some dude’s chopper with our Elantra, get special ass-kicking from guy wearing a panther-pelt loincloth.On second thought, maybe we will go to Burning Man. Or maybe Wasteland Weekend is less like Sturgis and more just a bunch of nerds in silly, tough-looking outfits (see below). Maybe we’d be the ones doing the ass-kicking! (Just kidding – we’re totally non-violent – unless you call our newspaper a “rag,” then we will go off.) Anyway, you’re interested, check it out at***Well, there it is: another day, another flippin’ column. We’ve now served up an estimated 7,000 Summit Ups since Aug. 21, 1989 when we started this thing, and hopefully you’ve read them all. Enjoy this fabulous weather we’ve been having, but remember to start saving money for that ski pass …We out.