Summit Up 9-2-12: Searching for pennies with our shiny new metal detector |

Summit Up 9-2-12: Searching for pennies with our shiny new metal detector

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the only daily column that’s thinking about buying a metal detector. We’re really having to pinch pennies over here, even though MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS think that journalists these days are rolling in the dough, alas, we are not.

Starving artists, we are! We’ve decided to cut the crap and start dressing like village vagrants while toting our (eBay purchased, lightly used) shiny, metal detector around the Dillon Marina.

We here at the brain factory have legitimate sources that tell us metal detectoring is the key to the modern gold rush!

Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!!: Jo Laird recently stopped by the SU Corporate Suites to tell us a very, very nice story. Which unfolds thusly:

Two-and-a-half years ago Jo’s husband Larry was out n’ about at the Dillon Marina when he lost his wedding ring. GAAASSSSPPP!!! The incident stressed the poor man greatly. He searched and searched for that ring to no avail. The story was passed along until it reached the ears of Dr. Dene Stjernholm, Frisco’s own chiropractor extraordinaire. When the tragedy of Larry’s lost ring was told, a lightbulb went off in the doc’s head.

Stjernholm: Ahah! Finally a perfect time to use my awesome metal detector that Uncle Bob got me for Christmas!

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Sure enough, the good doc was able to find the wedding ring at the marina and presented it to Mr. and Mrs. Laird. Hey Larry! Hold on to that ring!

Switching gears now to look at a place no vagrant of the Summit Daily has ever been before! Breckenridge residents Kelly Harber and Nicholas Dobbin took the time to catch up on their news at the Summer Set Music Festival last week! Though we hardly remember being there, thanks for the wild ride you two. We out!