Summit Up 9-20-11: Where knitting calms us down |

Summit Up 9-20-11: Where knitting calms us down

by Summit Up
Special to the Daily/Michaela MillerAndy Miller of Frisco demonstrates the art of 'planking' atop a Summit Daily News box. The fad is based on finding an interesting place to pose in this manner, then record it for posterity and post it online. But what does it all mean? Send your planking photos to

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wonders why yarn gets its own special unit of measurement: the skein. Of course, sour cream has the dollop, cash has the wad and snow has the dump. But what of this skein thing?

We just like saying it: skein, skein, skein! Now use it in a sentence: “Bob, hand me that skein of yarn over there. I’m going to knit a sweater.”

Actually, saying “of yarn” is pretty much redundant, cuz once you wheel out “skein,” everyone knows what you’re talking about.

Unless they’ve never heard of a skein before, and that’s possible since knitting as a sport isn’t as common as it once was. We were thinking about this due to the ad below, where you can learn all about skeins and knitting and all at this one CMC class. Personally, we don’t own or wear sweaters and don’t have any need to be producing baby blankets or shawls, but we like the idea, noted below, that knitting can help relieve stress.

We like the sound of that, and it certainly beats lots of other stress-relieving things like popping pills, staring at goldfish or baking fruitcakes. Plus, if you do this CMC class, you’re not only knitting, you’re euro knitting. Not sure what the difference is, but it sounds cool.

Another way to chill is seen above, as demonstrated by Andy Miller of Frisco – a son of Summit Up. The planking fad, we hear, is sweeping the nation, and with Summit County folks traveling hither and yon, we urge you send in any planking photos to us at Why not?

We do, however, urge you to exercise discretion and safe planking practices. Do not, for example, plank atop the following:

> Active volcanoes

> Pickelhaubes (that’s the spiked German helmet thing)

> Angry rottweilers with a flank steak stuffed down your pants

> A nitro-burning funny car about to take off at the track

> Any NYC subway car

> Moving chairlifts

> Rutting elk

> The floor at the Gold Pan

> The glory hole at Dillon Dam

That’s just common sense, folks.

We out.

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