Summit Up 9-22-10: Hotter’n a jalapeno pickle |

Summit Up 9-22-10: Hotter’n a jalapeno pickle

by Summit Up
"Happy Birthday to Steven Roscoe from the Woodworth Insurance agency in Dillon. Here you see Steve Roscoe and Joy Woodworth getting ready to celebrate @Ollie's Pub and Grub in Frisco!"

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has a thing for spicy-sweet things, which is why we’re here to shill for Gwickles Pickles today. This is a husband-wife outfit from Texas, and they make these jalapeno-flavored sweet pickles that are pretty dang good. They sent us a sample jar, and we had the many pickle experts in the newsroom have a go. Other than the one sourpuss who doesn’t like pickles in general, we all agreed these were some tasty pickles. Even our kids at home, who often turn their nose up at anything slightly spicy or exotic, said they were pretty good. What makes them work, flavor-wise, is that the jalapenos they use are on the mild side, so they don’t knock your socks off (even though, technically, it’s not a bad thing to get one’s socks knocked off once in a while – but not at lunch while you’re just trying to enjoy a pickle with your sandwich before heading back to work). The Gwickles are just hot enough to be interesting, and sweet enough to keep you comin’ back for more.

Anyway, we’re not sure if they’re available in any stores around here, but you can order them online at They also have cotton candy, although we can’t say how that might go with the pickles.


OK, here’s a reminder that today from 5-7 p.m. is the BRC mixer up at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7. This is a good opportunity to check out Sevens restaurant up there as well as hob-knob with the Breckenridge movers n’ shakers. You can also get a tour of the property if you’re curious.

Also in the e-mail reminding us about this event was another note from the BRC’s Jennifer Goldstein, who writes thusly:

“The O2 Lounge, on the first level of La Cima Mall, has joined the BRC! Oxygen Therpay is obviously a great recommendation for altitude sick guests, but it can also help anybody energize, rejuvenate or relax. Run into a guest looking for an internet cafe? They’re an Internet cafe too! Meeting a friend for coffee? The lounge is a perfect spot to sit and talk, order coffee, tea or a smoothie and catch up. Guy and Sally Hudson are the new owners. Next time you’re walking by, pop in and say hello. They’re open now but will have a grand opening in November.”

Good to know. We always figured if you walked into one of these oxygen bars they’d immediately strap you to some kind of breathing apparatus and you’d have to sit there, y’know, strapped to some kind of breathing apparatus and not really being able to talk or move or anything. Personally, the only oxygen we’ve ever had is the kind that comes as part of the whole “air in the sky” deal, so we’re not sure what it’s like to get the goods straight – without all that pesky nitrogren, CO2, helium, neon, pollen and other stuff getting in the way. Go check it out and tell us what you think at

BTW: Adults breathe in about 15,000 quarts of air a day. Who knew?


OK, here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! going out from Maggie Ducayet, who has this to say:

“I just wanted to sent a thank you out to the women who rescued our frequent flyer yellow Lab, Holly, who decided to go on a three-hour adventure after a door blew open in the wind yesterday morning. I don’t have her name but know she is from Fairplay. Holly found her and followed her new best friend for a couple of hours until her new best friend had to go to work and she then dropped Holly off a the dog park in Breck and had had someone try to find me. A huge thank you to this angel! We are thinking of cement booties to curb Holly’s wandering spirit!!!”

And, Maggie adds, “I love you column!”

Glad to hear that and that your Lab is OK. We’re pretty sure, though, that cement booties idea will land you a short jail term in at least 37 states. On the other hand, we hear of these special collars that zap the dog if s/he goes past the electric fence thingy you set up, so perhaps that’s a better solution.

Of course, some people think these are cruel, but then there’s our neighbor Gil Smith, who decided he wouldn’t subject his dog PJ to the shock-collar treatment until he himself had tried out the collar on all its settings. Gil told us it was, well, something other than pleasant, but not too terribly awful.

We’ve also heard those shock collars can enhance other experiences. Like if you’re eating a jalapeno pickle and chugging a Red Bull, have someone blast you with one of these collars and you’ll have a mini-religious experience that’ll make you think twice about all those other alleged great experiences like sex and roller coasters and fancy food and the like.

Personally, though, we’re going to stick with the non-shock version of the jalapeno pickles, cotton candy and Mentos-and-Coke Pop Rocks experience while we watch weird-ass movies like Blue Velvet or Eraserhead.

It’s just the way we roll.


Well folks, the time has come again where we must bid you goodbye. Until tomorrow, we remain your ever-loyal source of Scum Alerts, random facts, pointless musings and otherwise superfluous information of great importance and fleeting interest.

We out.

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