Summit Up 9-22-11: Where planking is sweeping the nation and the world |

Summit Up 9-22-11: Where planking is sweeping the nation and the world

Summit Up
Cat planking!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that just needs to say a few more things about the topic of Venetian doge, which we brought up in yestiddy’s column.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Oh, great! We really want to know more about these guys! Our knowledge of 13th century Italian history is sorely lacking.

SU: Stow the sarcasm and listen, these guys are cool! For one thing, check the radical head gear they sport. It was called the “corno ducale,” which we think means “nipple head.”

Also, our assertion in Wednesday’s column that “doge” meant “duke” wasn’t quite accurate. Here’s more from the font of all doge info, Wikipedia:

“Commonly the person selected as Doge was the shrewdest elder in the city. Contrary to popular belief the doge was not a duke in the modern sense, nor was a doge the equivalent of a hereditary duke. The doge was the senior most elected official of Venice and Genoa; both cities were republics and elected doges. A doge was referred to variously by the titles ‘My Lord the Doge’ (Monsignor el Doxe), ‘Most Serene Prince’ (Serenissimo Principe), and ‘His Serenity’ (Sua Serenità).”

Nice! All that serenity is aided, it says here, by the ceremonial robes and slippers that came with the office. You also, if you’re the Doge, get a scepter.

There just aren’t enough jobs around these days that give one the opportunity to wield a scepter! About the closest anyone comes is a gavel, we guess. Also, we think the Elks have at least one officer who gets to cruise around at meetings with a scepter-like thing.

Anyway, all we can say is Know Your Doge!


So in Tuesday’s column we had a photo of someone “planking” atop a SDN box in Frisco and asked folks to send us their own planking photos. The idea is to find an interesting location/object and lie, prone, atop said object with your hands at your sides. So far we have two entries, pictured here. The first is from Jane Taylor, who lives “at the very end of Eastlake Street” in Carrara, Australia. She sent us this “cat planking” photo (and a bunch of others) and wrote thusly:

“Our family enjoys a bi-annual ski trip to Breckenridge and this Christmas and part of January is our next one. I read the Summit Daily over the net more than I do our local newspapers because we just love Summit County so much. Can’t wait to see the snow start to fall. I was amused with your planking story and thought you might enjoy some planking humour!

“Love your work guys!”

Cool, thanks Jane!

The next photo is from John Gregory, Jr., who’s a “door and window peddler” who writes:

“Is this planking? I’m not sure what version this would be. John Gregory defying gravity. Andy Pyburn in awe.”

Well, not quite. We think that’s more like “flag-poling,” but we’ll take it anyway. Thanks!

Send your planking photos to


Lastly, we have a note here from Terra Long, who writes:

“We saw the birth announcements for last month in the paper today, and my son Kannon felt a little left out. He was born at home and therefore not included in the St. Anthony’s list of babies born in August. He was wondering if he could be so selfish as to request a special Summit Up birth announcement to put in his baby book. Assuming he could, he (Kannon Echo Long) was born on August 16th in Silverthorne to Ben and Terra Long.”

So be it. Welcome to the world, Kannon!

We out.

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