Summit Up 9-22-12: Where it’s Fourth of July in Fall |

Summit Up 9-22-12: Where it’s Fourth of July in Fall

Summit Up
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is excited clear skies are in the forecast for tonight’s fall Fourth of July fireworks in Frisco. Some of us in the newsroom wish it really were the Fourth of July, with half of summer still to come. Others are just pleased for another “f” word we can add to our alliterations involving the funk and fireworks in Frisco, such fabulous FALL fun for families and furry friends. If only the fireworks had been scheduled for Friday, fulfilling all our phrasing fantasies.

Speaking of “f” words, and not the one we use to curse the amount of work on our collective plate, there’s been some talk of fantasy football in the newsroom, specifically, the forte of fantasy football’s few female participants (not an “f” word to be found for that one). Departing from “f” for a moment more to alliterate with “f”‘s neighbor “g,” we Summit Uppers would just like to say, “Go girls!” We few females in mountain man-land have to stick together. Now can someone remind us what fantasy football is again?

Speaking of fantastic females, we in the Inside-Out Dishwasher Building would like to give out a big warm thanks and Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to Ashley Ryan, the smiling pie fairy who delivered unto us a tasty apple pie the other day while on a random pie-gifting run to area nonprofits. We continue to be amazed at the effect a free pie can have on group spirits. Looking to get some good juju from your persnickety co-workers? Try pie.

We out.

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