Summit Up 9-24-12: Flu season is upon us |

Summit Up 9-24-12: Flu season is upon us

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s pretty sure we have the plague. Black, that is. Or perhaps it’s the yellow spotted-chicken variety. Hard to say. We tried googling our symptoms, and we could probably diagnose ourselves with everything from a cold to lymphoma with the results. The point is, once again the flu shot season was upon us and we waltzed by those helpful reminder signs in the grocery store, thinking ‘oh, look, flu shots. We should probably get one of those babies,’ and then went on to buy Cheerios and egg-yolk substitute and forgot all about it. And now we’re paying the price.

We had a point with all of this gritching about being sick, but the Sudafed is starting to kick in and now we just can’t quite remember what it was. Perhaps it’s the moral of the story, which is: get your flu shots, wash your hands and drink your fluids because the season of feeling icky is almost here!

Moving right along, we have a Smarty Pants Alert! Smarty Pants Alert! going out to Breckenridge resident James Aiken from the fine folks over at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

Sez here:

“The University of Vermont College of Medicine presented a 2012 Distinguished Graduate Alumni Award to Breckenridge resident James Aiken, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology, at an awards ceremony held during the College’s Graduate Student Research Day on Sept. 20.

“The Distinguished Graduate Alumni Award is presented to alumni from the College of Medicine’s Ph.D. or M.S. programs who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in basic, clinical or applied research; education; industry; public service/humanitarianism; and/or outstanding commitment to the College of Medicine community.”

Wow, way to go James Aiken. Makin’ us all look smart and accomplished up here the High Country. Keep it up and congrats to you.

We also have a belated birthday to note: local lovely lady Debbie Jo Wilke was 60 years young on Sept. 19 and still is today, because let’s face it, you can’t go backwards.

Her husband, Kerry, writes as follows:

“A familiar smiling face around Breckenridge, Debbie Jo Wilke, will be celebrating a big birthday this Wednesday 9/19. Zero to Sexty in the blink of an eye! But since I only met her 30 years ago, she seems like a 30 year old to me!! Very happy birthday to my trophy bride!”

And from us here at the Summit Up World Headquarters in Frisco, happy birthday and have a drink on us!

Summit Up upper boss guys: Uh, we can’t afford to buy people birthday drinks.

SU: Ok, well then drop by the office any time for a free birthday high five on us.

That’s about all we got for today folks. Get out there and enjoy these last few beautiful days of fall. The snow’s a-comin!

We out.

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