Summit Up 9-26-11: Where we’re mesmerized by autumn colors |

Summit Up 9-26-11: Where we’re mesmerized by autumn colors

Special to the Daily/Peter Krainz

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column whose writer woke up underneath a patch of multi-colored aspen yesterday morning.

We know what you’re thinking: Wow, those tipsy journalists and their booze habits. Sure, bet they accepted one too many tequila shots from a guy named Butch at the Moose Jaw Saturday night and wandered in what they thought was the direction of home, but was really into the hills behind Frisco.

And we’re here to say: You’re wrong!

Sure, we had a beer or two, but that was more about socializing and enjoying the stars in the Western sky. We ventured out into the wild this weekend to take advantage of the last remnants of warm temps and the changing fall colors.

And we’re also here to say: You should do it too!

Sure was nice to wake up, bundled in fleece and down, unzip the corner of the tent and lay there, mesmerized by the golden leaves rustling in the wind against the bright blue, cloudless sky.


We hope you all are getting how awesome it was. Because it was.



In other news, we’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, and one was all about following clues and discovering interesting stories along the way. Usually, those clues are right at the tip of our noses, we just need to notice them.

Like the story about the two friends who stopped along Highway 101 in California because a goat standing atop a cow caught their eye… Yup, a goat atop a cow. Apparently, it’s normal for a goat to perch itself on something high. What’s unnatural is the cow’s nonchalance.


They stopped to observe this strange sight, and looked down to find a slew of letters blowing about in the wind at their feet. After months of phone calls, paging through microfiche, reading and rereading the letters, they learned about the woman and located her grandson, who’d dropped the letters.

It was right up our alley as reporters! Came full circle. We know, you’ve got to listen to it to really get it. It was Jad Abumrad’s Radiolab, in case you want to find it in the iTunes store.

All that to say, we were very intrigued by the CBSNews headline from earlier this month: “Panties puzzle: Thousands left on Ohio road.”

Ten giant trash bags full of roughly 1,500-3,000 pair, in a mix of colors and patterns.

CBS used the word “baffling” for the find.

Hm. We, too, wonder why the undergarments were spread out for someone to find.

We also wonder what will happen to them.

What does one do with thousands of panties? Make headdresses? Use them (once all clean, of course) for arts and crafts? Simply dispose of them? Give them away? What?

But with all that’s happening in and around Summit County these days, that detective story may have to be left in the very able hands of those Ohioans who are so inclined to follow the trail of clues.


With that, we’re heading off to find our own clues to follow.

Happy Monday!

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